June 2, 2009

So some of my coworkers took me out to lunch today!  How nice!   : )   We went to La Fonda Del Sol, located at 44th Street and Vanderbilt Ave – it recently just opened this year!   The restaurant is Spanish cuisine and has a fun, modern feel to it.  I was just about ready to order myself multiple glasses of sangria, until I unfortunately snapped back into reality and realized I was technically at work…..bummer lol.    ❤ Sangria ❤  Especially when friends bring multiple pitchers of homemade sangria to dinner parties (Efrey!!!).  Anyways, I ended up ordering the CHOP CHOP salad – yeah hahaha soooo not Spanish sounding, but delicioussssss! It’s not directly listed on their website, but it consisted of:

Chop Chop Salad: Chopped greens, gulf shrimp, marcona almonds, piquillo peppers, saffron lemon dressing and there was some unexpected (but a nice surprise!) avocado in there! 

Check it out!  Can be a little pricey, but I definitely recommend it!  : ) 

– Ania







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