Before I start this, please take the time to fully appreciate the picture I somehow captured, above. If you don’t laugh, then you might possibly hate me if you continue reading… 


Casey Elizabeth Blaise (yes, that’s really her middle name) McSomething-or-other, was born into this world on a lovely morning in August (the seventh of August to be exact).  Her day of birth pretty much set the tone for the rest of her life – she liked doing things extremely early (her extremely fortunate mother went into labor around 3am), she liked doing them fast (she was almost born in the car, and was ultimately, born at the wrong hospital), and she quickly became popular, earned quite a reputation for herself, and demanded special treatment (such as the nurses and doctors referring to her as Speedy Gonzalez, gaining the privelege of being born in the emergency room, and getting her own “special” room since she was not a documented patient at the hospital). 

Okay, time to stop referring to myself in the third person. Or is it second person? Oh shoot, my boyfriend’s an English teacher and he would be pretty upset that I’m not sure about that one.  This is something I do quite a bit – get off topic and go on multiple tangents (Ania will testify to this).

Right so back to my life – as you can tell, pretty much since day one I’ve just been a loose cannon – constantly moving, thinking, and basically, causing trouble. There is one instance from my childhood growing up that I can point to which proves this fact:

Do you remember those fuzzy wires that you could bend and use in arts and crafts projects way back in the day? Well, in Pre-k (and I distinctly remember this), one of my three year old amigos convinced me that it would be a good idea to steal some “extra” wires and bring them home. I thought this was a FABULOUS idea, until I was caught by the teacher with one hand in the drawer trying to fish out a yellow one. My teacher probably explained  to me why smuggling arts and crafts supplies was probably not the best foot to start out on in life (in case you didnt know, this is how O.J., the Son of Sam, and Al Capone got their starts). Luckily for me, GRANDMA was picking me up that unfortunate day back in 1992, and the teacher spoke to her briefly about my quickly progressing daycare criminal record. Grandma nodded and said “Mhmm” (like she always does when she either doesn’t know what to say or  she just didn’t hear you) and as we walked down the stairs to the freedoms of the world outside pre-k she told me “This is our little secret”.  I came to understand that this meant Mom WOULDN’T be finding out, and over the years, well, let’s just say Grandma and I developed quite a bunch of “little secrets”.

Speaking of Grandma…


Surprise Grandma!

Surprise Grandma!

This is Grandma being surprised by her entire family in Atlantic City for her 80th brithday party. I think it goes without saying that she has been a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without her.

OKAY, so time to actually talk about what I’m supposed to be talking about – health, food, fitness, yada yada. Basically, I was one of those kids growing up who thought a well-balanced snack consisted of a bag of Cooler-Ranch Doritios and a bottle of Nesquick.  I also was a frequent “double-luncher”. Never heard the term before? Well probably because I created it in the 3rd grade, when I would quickly wolf down the lunch my mom had sent me, and proceeded to get on line for the “hot-lunch”  in the hopes that it was something good like hamburgers and fries. Now, I was also an extremely active child so I never was overweight but I certainly was not a healthy eater!

This all gradually changed around the time I turned 15, and since then my eating and exercising habits have completely evolved and matured for the BETTER. I now enjoy healthy, whole, (organic when possible), and yummmmyyy food and love any form of exercise whether it be a simply walk or an heart-pounding session with Jillian Michaels. I’ll definitely be writing more about my eating and exercise habits – but alas, we have all the time in the world and at the moment, I am falling asleep as I write this (bad sign?). 

Oh, and my life would not be complete without this lucky fella…kcmark


And of course, my lovely friend Ania whom without, I would have nobody to go on extremely long bike rides and get lost with, spend hours in organic food stores with, talk endlessly about blogs and the people who write them like we actually know them with,  or pretty much share my interests with. (Most of my friends think I’m crazy). So thank you, Ania, for not siding with the nurses and doctors at the hospital I was born at, or that pesky Pre-K teacher who DARED to stop my conquest for an unlimited supply of bendy wires.


See, I told you I go off topic quite often.


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