ABsolutely Amazing

One routine I’ve started doing everyday is ABsolutely Amazing Abs (found on Exercise TV On Demand) by Marian Shannon. It’s a quick 8-minute routine that, although not really challenging, will have your abs feeling a great burn!marian Marian was “found” by Oprah Winfrey – as a single mother of three stripping to support her kiddos. Oprah brought her on the show because this chick is over 40 and has a slammin’ bod. Now, I understand this woman is definitely a FITNESS role model, but come on Oprah, way to glorify taking off your clothes for sleazy men in order to pay the bills.  Regardless, Marian is fun, likeable, and a great motivator.  She’s a little jittery but I think this is probably the first fitness video she’s ever done.  I love the easy moves and short reps that I would never think would be challenging enough to have me feeling it afterwards – but I do!! I would definitely even do this twice or three times a day. 

Check out Marian’s website here:


– Case


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