A scoop of Casey, a scoop of Ania!   We are two NYC gals passionate about current and rising food trends, living healthy lifestyles by incorporating organic, well balanced, and delicious food choices into our diets, and of course fitness and staying active!  

Additional daily essentials:  Laughter, love, spontaneity, and always a jar of PEANUT BUTTER in the house!  : )

We both LOVE reading blogs and talking about them like we know the people who write them, so one day we were talking about creating our own and decided – why not?!

Casey is currently a college student, going into her third year at Hunter College in NYC. She has lived in Brooklyn, NY her whole life and loves it, although she also loves visiting her father in Florida as much as she can. She will be 20 freakin years old on August 7th, so if you are the owner of a large Ice Cream manufacturing company (or know one) she is accepting presents in the form of…. ice cream. You will be seeing a foxy guy frequently in her posts and this is none other than her boyfriend of three years, Mark, who is very concerned about every action and phrase that comes from him turning up on the World Wide Web. He is right. 

Ania is a recent graduate from Manhattan College in the Bronx, NY as of December ’08. She will turn 22 later this year (she is far more ancient than Casey) and is accepting presents in the form of a nice brand new one bedroom apartment, or anything and everything having to do with Peanut Butter, thank you. Ania currently lives in Astoria, Queens and is a self-declared SPIN-aholic. Ania’s momma can be credited greatly for her interests in a healthy lifestyle, and it will be a goal of both girls to get good ole Mrs. J to do a guest post or two (or three or four). Her apple bread is TO DIE FOR!

Both girls love Trader Joe’s and it will be a constantly recurring theme in the blog, but look out for cool recipes, funny stories, and numerous pictures of Mark taken by either Ania or Casey that will confirm his fears of being publically exposed to strangers all over the world!

Please keep checking back with us or drop us a line at


One Response to “Best of Both Worlds!”

  1. Loved meeting you girls!! NY blogger dinner in NYC very soon–zumba, hot yoga, a great dinner, and a stop at the amazing trader joes that I have yet to fully experience, here we come 😉

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