Good morning!

I don’t even want to admit how much I slept last night – I didn’t know how much I slept was possible!!! lol But I do knowww my body clearlyyy needed it!

I’m headed off to the gym in a little, so for a light brunch I made one of the best combos ever: peanut butter and banana on mini slices of toast! With green tea as well……



A haircut and laundry are on my agenda today as well….. laundry – which I do not dread doing as much anymore because there is a washer/dryer on every floor of my building!!! whohoooo! I don’t have to haul my big loads of dirty clothes in the rain to the local laundromat to find the dryer did not work and my clothes are still soaking wet….yay!

On that note, I should get rolling……later!

What is your favorite food combo???