Today’s eats started with soapy oatmeal for breakfast…….ughhh….

I prepared my oats in the same container I always do, but today when I was eating them – something tasted off – I thought perhaps it was my palate or that my taste buds were wacky this morning lol – but the more I ate the more I determined it was def the oatmeal….

At this point I basically was almost done eating the whole thing – didn’t really enjoy one single bite – and have felt nauseous the rest of the day after determining it must have been the dish soap I used to last wash out the container……excellent…… : /

Although I did enjoy a nice tofu sandwich later in the afternoon from yesterday’s leftovers…..

Honestly though, I have a can of chickpeas, some yogurt, some oats, and brussel sprouts left…….I can’t wait to go grocery shopping after I move in on Saturday…..until then my eats will be bland and random to say the least – probably nothing picture worthy!

Also, this will probably be my final post for awhile, because things are going to start getting crazy and I will be experiencing a lack of internet soon as well – like my partner in crime has been for what seems like the past decade!!! lol

I cannot wait until I have my ownnnnn kitchen and an entire refrigerator to myself – not just half a shelf that I was given at my current housing situation…..

Again, sorry for the lack of food pics – but I will be a total dork and show you:

My new comforter that came in the mail today! Love the colors! : )


And my new shower curtain to go with my pink bathroom!


And the adorable oven mit that I got for a dollar! Yes, I got excited about purchasing this oven mit……perhaps I am just super pumped to finally be moving into my own place! : )


Well, despite the lack of posting that will be for a little while – please stay tunedddddddddd!!!!!!!

DoubleScoop will be back! : )

– Ania