As of Monday night……my body hit the wall…….I basically was up all night tossing and turning unable to sleep, all stuffy, etc……

Tuesday I worked from home, yet managed to drag my body to a apartment viewing – in which I got stood up by the broker – which resulted in me randomly sobbing in the middle of a main intersection in Queens…..

I’m not embarrassed to admit this, actually I felt quite better afterwards…..

Given the fact that I was stood up (after waiting awhile), this being the millionth negative apartment viewing/experience it seems, being sleep deprived, sick, and dealing with my current housing situation, the tears just started to automatically flow……..

I must say, I was shocked how many random people comforted me on my journey home though : )

I woke up today feeling somewhat better, and went to work……..which consisted of today’s main food highlight…..

Lunch: An amazing, immunity boosting, germ killing, antioxidant & vitamin loaded salad – baby spinach, cubes of grilled chicken, a sprinkle of cheddar, tomato, cucumber, carrots, beets, asparagus, roasted pepper, sundried tomato, and aged balsamic on the side……

This salad was gone in about 5 seconds….soooo good!



After work today, I went to two more unsuccessful apartment viewings:

#1: Nice neighborhood, niceeee owners, great price……..crappy basement apartment

#2: A bunch of studios shown to me byyyyy yes indeed – the broker who stood me up….

He actually is a nice guy, but still…..

Anyways, all the places he showed me were in all honestly – gross. It was an older building – and it showed badly.

So the apartment hunt continues!

I apologize for all the apartment venting on this blog recently……but it feels good to let it all out sometimes……it’s been quite the challenging and mentally draining experience…….thanks for listening…..if you still are lol….