Hello everyone!

Well this weekend did not according to plan whatsoever and basically all my apartment viewings fell through, but it was still a gorgeous, eventful September weekend nonetheless! : )

Fun activities included spinning, rollerblading in Central Park, hanging out with friends, grocery shopping (is it weird that I enjoy this?!?), and soaking up the sun!

Not so fun activities included laundry, cleaning & organizing (although I love the feeling afterwards!), and some more unsuccessful apartment hunting on Craigslist…..

I also slept a glorious 9 or so hours on Friday night, however slept horribly last night…..booo…

Well some of the weekends eats included:

Single serving blueberry/flaxseed pancake with TJ blackberry preserves…..


Yummy peach…


Garlic hummus sandwich with green bell peppers….


Some baked squash with ketcup….


(If you haven’t noticed, I use my Mickey plate from Disney basically for every meal….thanks Casey & Mark!)

Some GoLean Kashi Crunch cereal (which always gives me really bad gas – but I LOVE this cereal, it’s a sacrifice I suppose! lol), with sliced banana, PB, and Almond Breeze…


Brussel sprouts (LOVE themmmm, and don’t eat them enough!) & carrots tossed in flaxseed and Paul Newman’s Light Honey Mustard dressing……


And the highlight of the weekend’s eats was definitely this indulgence!!!!!



After rollerblading in Central Park, Travis and I headed to Rice to Riches on Spring Street in Manhattan……

After all of Travis’ talk & raving about this place that solely creates rice pudding……I had to see for myself…….

Well, after trying it finally – let me tell you – I am a believer that whether or not you like rice pudding…….it is impossible to not LOVEEEEEEE theirs!

HOLY CRAP! WOWWWWWW is this place super good!   

From their funky interior design and bowls & spoons to their million creative flavors (thank goodness they encourage samples!), this place is definitely one of a kind….

After a billion samples, and 95445088490538 hours later, I finally settled on a half TAKE ME TO TIRAMISU and half STUBBORN BANANA……

I wanted to get a chocolaty flavor – although they were super delicious (sampling!), they were supppperrr sweet, and opted for flavors which I hoped would give me less of an eventual sugar tummy ache!

Luckily I paced myself so prevent this from happening, and have lotsss leftover! : )



Both deliciousss….

I’m pretty sure they ship globally, so it doesn’t matter whether or not you live in NYC – order a sweet treat! : )

– Ania