A.) Happy it’s Friday!

B.) Totally bummed that the apartment I had an APPOINTMENT to view tomorrow, has been taken! I can’t believe it! I emailed the women to confirm our meeting tomorrow and express how much I was looking forward to seeing the place (and yesss, I really did think this particular apartment was really going to be *THE ONE*), and she emailed me back stating “It’s taken.” I confronted her with another email asking if she ever planned on informing me this, or was I just supposed to show up to a no longer available apartment tomorrow and have it be a waste of my time??? Some people are soo rude : (

So again, another dead end with apartment hunting : (

I was so excited for tomorrow – how things can change in 2 minutes…..and due to a combination of being sleep deprived and receiving this news, I really couldn’t focus the rest of the workday. I actually was able to leave work slightly early, and rescheduled plans with a friend seeing that she was swamped at work still and not feeling well. I made it out in time to also soak up some sun, seeing that it was a gorgeousssss day out. I must say this turned my afternoon around. : )

I have a feeling that I will strike some luck apartment hunting tonight and catch up with some quality sleep! And then, a fun weekend! : )

Anyways, some of today’s eats included:

Banana-coffee oatmeal:

Oats, stevia, cinnamon, flaxseed, mashed banana, splash of skim & coffee! ( I swear, after randomly cooking my oats with coffee one morning – I’ve become a fan!)



California roll and Miso soup! And yes, I ate basically the whole ball of wasabi as it secretly attached itself to a roll without me noticing! Cleared all my passages to say the least! lol


And I indulged in a very sweetttt treat for dessert:

Stonyfield’s organic, chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream……it was heavenly : )


Non-food related…..yet still speaking of sweet…..this hair mousse smells sooo goooddd! I recently bought it, and I totally recommend!

Has anyone else ever tried it before?


I know it’s a bad pic, but its Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Weightless Mousse…….

Check out their Coconut Milk line here!!!

– Ania