I have to first and foremost announce: Happy Birthday Mark!!!!! : ) Love yaaaa! Hope you had a great day!!!! Casey better have gotten you some type of FABULOUS dessert to celebrate! I’m sure she did ; )

Well I’m glad I caught up on sleep this weekend, because I didn’t get much last night : /

Althoughhhhh, first, for a quick rewind….I ended up having Indian cuisine for the first time last night! Travis and I went to Seva Indian Cuisine for dinner and it was DeLiCiOuS! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera….

But….. we started with rosemary nan which was soooo fresh and warm and smelled as good as it tasted. Meanwhile, Travis ordered a mango lassi – churned yogurt smoothie, which of course I had a sip of. It was a big hit with him since he is a mango lover, and I have to say it was quite the delicious drink! Not overly sweet whatsoever.

From there, we ended up doing the dinner special……

We both had butternut squash soup for the appetizer, which was AMAZING. The nutmeg flavor was overpowering – in a good way.

For my entree I ordered the Rangeen Chicken – chicken, cauliflower, zucchini, and carrots in a spicyyyy tomato/garlic sauce. I asked for it to be prepared very spicy, and yes indeed it was! My nose ran the entire meal from that point on lol. I loved the combination of flavors……the texture of the chicken was a little weird, but overall veryyy good.

Travis ordered the Lamb Apricot Curry – I had a bite, and although it was good, I definitely preferred my dish selection – and so did he! The lamb was a lot more mild spice-wise, but the apricot addition was different!

Both dishes were served with Basmati rice, which I only had a spoonful of to taste – it was ok – I felt indifferent about it I guess…..

Dinner ended with cute, tiny portioned desserts……I got the Kheer (vanilla rice pudding), which was pretty good – I’ve never had rice pudding before so I didn’t know what to compare it to. After being informed of this, Travis was devastated that this was my first rice pudding experience, because supposedly nothing is better than the rice pudding from Rice to Riches in Manhattan. After checking out the flavors, I have no doubt he’s right!!!!! Like I said, the kheer I had last night was pretty good, but I feel like the rice pudding at Rags to Riches is served at a whole new level!!!!

Travis ordered the Gulab Jamun – honeyed dumpling with cashew stuffing. Both of us weren’t big fans of this ping pong ball sized creation…..the texture was very odd…and the flavor was just so so…..

Overall though, I am very happy with my first Indian food experience. The place is small, but has a very welcoming ambiance and very friendly service…….I give it 8/10 scoops!

After dinner we walked quite a bit – which was great – I was worried of the possibility of experiencing slight indigestion knowing my stomach…..luckily I didn’t really : )

So back to this morning…..despite not catching many Zzzzzs…… spin class was the perfect way to start this week : ) Followed by a typical Monday at work…..

But I did have some yummy eats….

Breakfast: Oats with stevia, cinnamon, water, skim milk, sliced almonds, and dried cherries


Lunch: A couple Wasa crackers, artichoke & spinach hummus, a small, eventually sliced red bell pepper, and a hunk of tomato/basil cheddar cheese:


Shortly followed by this delishhhhhhhhhhh eat of the day:

Stonyfield’s organic pumpkin pie flavored yogurt! I LOVED IT! I usually don’t enjoy yogurts that attempt to resemble dessert flavors – but this particular one rocked! Seeing that it’s limited edition – go buy it now!!!!


And dinner (when I basically chopped my finger off…..which is still bleeding…..excellentttt……) :

BioNature’s gluten free penne with carrots and green pepper, tossed lightly with a scoop of flaxseed and a drizzle of one of my new favorite dressings – Paul Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard! YUM!


I should go tend to my pulsing/still bleeding thumb : /


– Ania