Good afternoon!

To bring you up to date on my weekend…..

Well…..basically it consisted of a very unsuccessful evening of apartment viewing Friday night : ( and catching up on much needed sleep. Both Friday and Saturday night I passed out with ease at quite early hours – and slept through both nights like a rock. I can’t emphasize how abnormal this is for me – it was glorious and I enjoyed every minute – clearly I needed it!

Today I woke up refreshed and had an awesome spin session at the gym.

Afterwards, I met my partner in crime/Casey for brunch! I feel like I hadn’t seen her in foreverrr! We went to the Chocolate Spoon Coffee House, a very small, Brazilian cafe in Astoria. I believe it is relatively new – two years old or so.


Casey and I ordered the same thing – egg white veggie omelets – Casey had feta also in hers – unfortunately no cheddar available for Ania ……

The omelets came with a slice of toast and a “double baked potato”……..


Overall, I think the omelet was average/good. I topped mine with hot sauce for an extra kick – which also made my nose run throughout the whole meal….the toast was your plain ehhh toast…..and the potato was quite interesting…..two textures in one… that what happens when something is “double baked” – I suppose so!

So all in all, the food was pretty yummy, the service was nice, and it was $20 including tip – and an iced coffee and bottled water not pictured! – for the two of us!!!!…….I mean, yeah I’m not raving about the place – but it was a perfect Sunday brunch pick! I give it 7 out of 10 scoops…….and plan on going back in the future : )

After catching up, the two of us hit up some grocery stores (no match to TJs, but what are you gonna do….) to pick up a few items…..

These are the goodies I picked up:

Bananas, a sweet potato, some peaches, chocolate AB, Wasa crackers, spinach artichoke hummus, Cabot’s tomato basil cheddar cheese, and a cup of Stonyfield’s limited edition pumpkin pie flavor organic yogurt!!!! Mmmmmm!


Well, I am just relaxing for the rest of the evening…..and continuing my apartment search…..50/50 chance dinner may be Indian cuisine with my friend Travis (I do owe him Indian food from losing in Poker lol), but plans are still up in the air…….however, if we do have Indian food, it will be my first time eating this cuisine (crazy I know!)…..I’ve been waitinggggg to try some delish Indian, so perhaps tonight will be the night!

In the meantime, I did get the munchies while writing this, so here is a little plate of goodness I concocted: A sliced green pepper from my mommy’s garden with the hummus I just bought —– OoOoOoOo delish!!!!! And a piece of the new cheese as well —– YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!


Well, catch you later!!!!

– Ania