Today was notttt a fun day at work.

After the gym, shower, commute, etc….I got to my desk and enjoyed a slice of toasted Ukrainian bread with some all natural maple PB and craisins……and a juicy plum:


The rest of the morning/afternoon I wanted to throw my computer, the printer, and the Xerox machine all out the window……

Without going into much detail… sapped all my energy today – I swear sometimes it is a bigger pain in the butt than it is beneficial! The printer had a personality of its own all day…. to say the least…….

I was starving by the time I finally got to make lunch, which was an Amy’s Organic Black Bean Vegetable Burrito…..and a cucumber on the side…..

Black Bean Vegetable Burrito

Organic flour tortilla wrapped around a combination of organic black beans and vegetables in a mild Mexican sauce. Nice and spicy. Non-dairy/no cholesterol.

Dairy freeCholesterol freeLactose freeVeganKosherSoy freeTree Nut free



I have seen these many times in the freezer section of the grocery store…..and figured I would give one a try….

Perhaps it would have tasted a little better from the oven, but I microwaved mine (a little too long) at work…….even though the wrap got too mushy, it was still good….and I did like the filling inside – the sauce could have been spicier ; ) …….I’m interested in seeing the difference in taste when prepared in the oven rather than the microwave, and I’m sure the other varieties are pretty good too…..overall….I give this guy 3/5 scoops!

By the end of the day….all I wanted to do was get home……and collapse lol….just one of those days that you’re reallllly thankful tomorrow is Friday : )

Not to be random, but I have several apartment viewings tomorrow, so I’m excited for them!!!

But currently, I am enjoying dinner…… I was craving a simple sandwich with veggies….but ran out of bread….so I became creative and used two gluten free Van’s waffles……and spread a thin layer of hummus on one side with a few pieces of avocado, and some slices of beets on the other….and together = yummy!

On the side, I had some more hummus and raw carrots, and a small hunk of habanero cheese….


Quite the colorful dinner! : ) Although I wish the avocado was a little more ripe : /

Well, I will catch you all laterrrrrr!

– Ania