Happy hump day already! I love a 4 day work week! : )

I got home quite late Monday night, despite taking a cab home rather than the subway…..

Funny thing – well SORT OF funny…..the cab began to pull away with my suitcase when I got out – my suitcase full of Chobani and other yummy goodness!!! It was quite the scene – me yelling at the cab driver and running up and hitting the back window – which finally caused him to realize that he never opened the back and took out my suitcase for me! He apologized (I guess it was sincere lol), and I told him he almost drove away with VERY precious items lolol……

I finally got into my place, unpacked, and was about to finally jump into bed when I heard one of the people I live with say “Oh, shit.” Hmmm….I thought to myself….I wonder what her problem is…….well two seconds later I found out as the two of us were standing on top of chairs due to a cockroach in the bathroom!!!!

I have a phobia of roaches!!!! Not kidding…..

I never saw one of the these disgusting things until I moved down to the city…..and this is the first one I have seen in our apartment – and the first one she has seen as well, and she has been living in the place for several years. I mean, it is an older house – connected to other older houses, but it’s clean, but I guess you can’t control whether or not these guys come through from the neighbors or what…..

Well……I guess the girl I live with has a slight phobia of them too, because she alerted the older man we live with and forced him into the bathroom to kill the sucker……which finally happened after a millions attempts of attacking it with Airwick, hairspray, and then finally bleach.

Ewwwwww, ewwwww, ewwwwwww………

Finally, I got to bed – perhaps 4 -5 hours worth of sleep …… which is why I was literally a zombie all day yesterday.

I didn’t get much sleep last night either, but closer to 6 and a half – so I’ll take it.

Anyways, despite that, today started out with a fab 6AM spin session. Afterwards, I spoke with the instructor about spinning certification – definitely something I want to pursue within the next year or so.

Well….I must say I was really looking forward to breakfast since I made a breakfast cookie last night!

.5 cup oats, flaxseed, cinnamon, a scoop of maple PB, splash of skim, and a mashed banana…..all mashed again together…..flattened on a small plate……and into the frig to harden overnight…..until being devoured this morning – along with a delish, warm mug of coffee….

I know it doesn’t look that great here (probably could have made it more camera presentable by cleaning the edges lol) but these creations are amazing, and so filling!


Lunch included two reviews!

First: The Lemon Bar Larabar


Overall, I didn’t fall in love with this particular flavor, but it was still really good – and I did enjoy the lemony taste – it was too tart in my opinion whatsoever….


Pomegranate Chobani! Finally!!! I’ve been waiting to try this new flavor, especially after trying the new pineapple variety, which I love!

According to a toddler – Chobani is not Greek yogurt – but rather referred to as “My super, yummy yogurt!” Cuteee!

Same verdict here – I really loved this flavor! There are several chunky seeds in this kind, but I liked them and the yogurt itself was perfectly sweet and delicious by its naked self : )


It was another quick, but long day at the office – and I knew for sure I was going to make one of these babies for dinner:

I baked a small sweet potato in the oven at 400 degrees for about 35 – 40 minutes….. sliced it open and topped half with a crap load of cinnamon, and the other half with ketchup, plus a glob on the side…….this hit the spot : )


Well, I am off to continue apartment hunting – I have a couple places to followup with and potentially visit tomorrow – so wish me luck! : )

– Ania