That’s the motto Keys residents live by…and I think everyone should pretty much live by that motto.

Our trip from Central Florida to the Keys started this early..

fla 022

If you’ve never driven I-95 consecutively for over 3 hours before, you don’t know what an extremely exciting and ever-changing route it is. Here Mark demonstrates just HOW entertaining it is…

fla 023 

The best was when it started raining…

 fla 024  

Mark and I enjoyed a few beverages…

fla 031

As we also enjoyed the weather clearing up….

fla 027    

I was wide awake at this point as well…

fla 029

Do you like our pimpin’ Lincoln Navigator? Actually, I’d like to refer to it as “The Nav”.  Although you can only see the smooth leather interior, the outside is what really catches the eye of the gas-guzzling fans!


Can you believe my father got SUCH A GREAT DEAL trading in his totally worthless and ridiculously eco-friendly Prius for this carbon monoxide pumping machine, which, by the way, was NOT friendly to our gas-money stash. Anywho, we MADE it to the keys around 9:30 AM and I was STARVING.

fla 032

We headed right to my favorite local spot, Mangrove Mikes…


I ordered a plate that was FAR too big for me but it was delicious and only 6 bucks! Did I mention I love the keys?

 fla 034

Two banana-walnut pancakes with two scrambled eggs and 2 slices of bacon!

I was way full and still had all of this left over…

 fla 035

Mark didn’t have quite the same problem…

fla 036

In fact, he was still so hungry that afterwards, we went for breakfast number 2!

fla 042

fla 045

Or maybe we just fed ‘em to the hungry Tarpon…

  fla 040 

 fla 043

We did this at a really cool place in Islamorada called Robbie’s. They have hundreds of tarpon that thrive off of the tourists who pay about 2 bucks to throw dead, delicious fish at them. We were two of those tourists. And we loved it.

And now I’m off to bed. More updates coming soon! Again, I apologize for the sporadic updates, it is now 3 WEEKS since I have had internet at home. I’ve been relying on airport wi-fi, hotel wi-fi, Mark’s wi-fi, and the wonderful wi-fi at school. A big THANK YOU to my counterpart, Ania, for being so amazing at manning DoubleScooped while I’m down and out!