Currently I’m on an 8:30 pm bus back to NYC from Albany as I write this post….expecting to get into midtown around 11:15 or so, and debating whether to take the subway back home to Queens, or take a cab – and I’m thinking option #2 for this very reason:

If someone were to open my suitcase right now – about 48930580 containers of Chobani would fall out, along with 4503485 cucumbers from the garden, every type of round fruit imaginable, jars of PB, packets of tea, and the list goes on and on…… YES, I came home with an empty suitcase – well with the exception of two/three days of clothes if that – and I’m returning with about ten bags of groceries shoved to the max…..hence my suitcase weighing about a million pounds….and my reasoning of why I will 99.9% opt for a cab ride home instead of trucking my way with this suitcase, my laptop, purse, and another small carry on……

My mom rocks doesn’t she?!? If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be leaving Albany with half a grocery store of goodness in my suitcase……and everything is cold enough to last the trip……love it! : )

The rest of my Labor Day weekend was great – it was gorgeous out and I definitely got some color – especially in my face!

I also experienced many firsts, including:

My first Starbucks coffee ever! I know, I know – I can hear all the gasps now…… Yes, I’ve been living in NYC for about 4 years now – the city where a Starbucks exists on every corner imaginable – and yes, I have never ever had a Starbucks coffee. I guess I can justify this with the following: Initially, I never liked coffee – but within the past couple years, my taste buds have made a 360 degree turn – and I love coffee – I look forward to it every morning – not to wake me up exactly – but the taste and smell!

Still, for some reason, when I finally started drinking coffee somewhat regularly, I just never felt compelled to get Starbucks…..

However, Saturday night…..I just may have gotten the urge:


Although my choice was quite lame……I ordered my first Starbucks coffee ever – a tall decaf…….and yes, it was delicious coffee – but honestly – not any better than the other brands I drink…..

I also had a first time/new breakfast concoction Sunday morning…..Bob’s Steel Cut Oats with swirled PB with fruit….DELISH!



The rest of Sunday consisted of soaking in as much sun as possible bike riding, power walking with Allie, walking and running errands with my mom……

Later, for dinner we were going to bake a bunch of veggies in the oven – but then the oven broke!!!!!! : ( Two seconds after I had put a bunch of sweet potatoes into the oven…..I heard a BuZzZzZzZ sound, and yes indeed – some wire had called it quits. So instead, we sauteed a bunch of zucchini, sweet potato, onion, and zucchini……and my mom also made a yummy lean turkey chili…. which I topped with spicy jalapeno cheese and added some fresh green beans from the garden:


After some unsuccessful apartment hunting and hanging out, I called it an early night….. I must say I slept like a rock the past two nights – and am sooo thankful for it!

Again the weekend flew by, and today was quite the eventful day before leaving back to NYC……starting with an awesome bike ride : )

Afterwards, I had my best friends Allie, Mike, and Casey over for brunch…….bagels from Brueggers Bagels (baked apple was delish!)….an assortment of spreads (apple butter, hummus, jam, PB, cream cheese, lox, cheese, etc….)…….a big bowl of cantaloupe, pineapple, blueberries, and kiwi, yummy pumpkin bread Allie baked, and some water, coffee, and OJ……..

Here we are enjoying what turned out to be quite the feast of a yummy brunch!


Later this afternoon, I got ready and headed over to family friends (and my godfather’s!) for a BBQ…….I was pretty stuffed still from the morning…..but they had a typical bbq lay out of burgers, steak, and various salads……and yummy desserts, including a rhubarb bread, a chocolate/walnut/coconut bread, and some type of apple concoction which was AmAzInG! Sorry for the lack of pics here, especially since these desserts looked as good as they tasted!

At this point (6pm) I know I was flirting with time – knowing that I wanted to catch the 8:30 bus at the latest……but on my way home I visited two other family friends briefly, and finally peeled into the driveway around 7:30……..that’s when the stuffing of the suitcase began lol….and about ten minutes later my mom and I were on the way to the bus station, and currently I am blogging on the bus liked I previously mentioned via Ecto! : )   

AND…..i have my ownnnnnnn seat!!!!! I alwaysssss end up sitting with someone – usually with someone smelly, or weird/odd, or both, and I end up listening to their Jerry Springer story of a life…… travels via the Greyhound bus could be it’s own post……or novel….lol……on that note……

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!! : )

Catch you tomorrow!

– Ania