Hello from Albany!

I ended up making a last minute decision and coming home for the extended Labor day weekend…….

This morning I woke up to a lovely pumpkin bread concoction my mom had whipped together last night….

I loveeeee pumpkin everything, and this bread was absolutely delicious!!!! Again my mom pulled together a bunch of random ingredients (unmeasured) that she assumed would perhaps go well together……..whole wheat flour, plain Keifer, a littleee bit of olive oil, ground flaxseed, canned pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, a teeenny bit of sugar, baking soda, and ginger! This bread came out soooooooo goooooeyyy and moist……yum, yum, yum!


So brunch consisted of two small pieces with a sliced nectarine and two little plums, and a mini glob of PB ; ) and a yummy mug of hazelnut coffee – one of my favorites!  

You know fall is right around the corner when pumpkin starts to appear everywhere – last night my friends and I went out for ice cream – pumpkin ice cream = AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

Back to this morning though…..after brunch my mom and I headed off to the local farmer’s market at the local park…..it was an absolutely gorgeous morning/afternoon!

We walked around the park a bit……


IMG_2140.JPG IMG_2144.JPG

My mom and I acting silly…..yes we had a shadow photo shoot lol….however, I don’t know exactly what we were trying to portray here….


Me trying to take home a new pet:


It was extremely bright out to say the least…..this is the best picture in terms of of the least squinting involved on my part:


The farmer’s market was small, but we came home with a bunch of yummy produce:

A lot of fall veggies (including pumpkins!) are starting to make their appearance! I love fall! : )


These goldens are AmAzInG!!!


Check out this MASSIVE peach, idk why, but I thought this was the funniest comparison…..


But the REAL winner of the farmer’s market was (drumroll!!!!!!!!!):


Heaven had a booth at the market! Or, a company called the Peanut Principle – a local company, they make their own nut butters….trail mix pb, cinnamon raisin pb, dark chocolate hazelnut, creamy, almond, cashew butter, pumpkin seed pb, and so many more…..including this maple flavor which is one of their newest concoctions and delishhhhhhh – so I had to buy a jar! I can’t believe I only walked away with one jar……mind boggling now that I think about it lol……

Check them out! www.peanutprinciple.com

I went for an awesome 80 minute bike ride when we got home – what a gorrrrrgeouusss day to be outside – perhaps it’s because I have spent the entire summer in an office – but I felt like I couldn’t get enough sun today!

Currently, I’m blogging and eating a piece of dark, Ukrainian bread – topped with all natural apple butter. and a piece of jalapeno cheeseeeee…Mmmm!


But I should probably go shower…….umm yeahhh…..

Okie dokie!


– Ania