Ehhhh Monday……I slept like a rock last night….but was still exhausted when I got up…..

Spin class was goood – the soundtrack to our workout was basically all Michael Jackson lol

Work went pretty well for the most part…….I started the day with a veryyyy juicy peach and Stonyfield’s low-fat, blueberry, organic yogurt – which I never had before and really enjoyed….


Lunch rolled around and I had a sandwich with cilantro jalepeno hummus and cucumber slices:


And some leftover cucumber on the side with a split hunk of cheddar & habanero pepper cheese! Mmmm!


I snacked on a few almonds & raisins before I left for home…….

Well…..when I did get home I told myself if I don’t do it now, it will just continue to pile up, and since I cleaned my whole room & closet yesterday, I found it deep within to do my massive, dreaded, mound of laundry…..

For all those of you who don’t have to lug your dirty clothes to and from a laundromat and pay $5 bucks for one load – I’m jealous! I miss having my own washer & dryer!!!

I didn’t really make a legit dinner due to A.) Going back and forth to the laundromat to switch from washer to dryer, etc… annoying and totally prevents you from being able to dedicate time to something else – because if you dare leave your stuff in a washer or dryer for 30 seconds or more after it’s done – someone is bound to get impatient and take it out….which I hate…..and also B.) for some reason but stomach wasn’t feeling the best tonight…..

So considering these two factors I made a PB & TJ blackberry jam sandwich……which I ate in the 25 minute block of time between transferring my clothes from washer to dryer…..


Then my mommy came! She was in the area and swung by to say hello quickly – when I noticed she had a flat tire! : (

Luckily, a nice random man was so helpful and came over and changed the tire! : ) Good thing I noticed before my mom went onto the highway with a flat! : /

Well, she brought me a small bag of goodies: cucumbers and squash from the garden back home, some dried cherries & cranberries, frozen cherries & blueberries, & Kashi bars! : ) Thanks mom! : ) XOXO

Unfortunately, due to a three or so hour trip back and seeing that it was already late due to the tire dilemma, my mom’s visit was quite short……

I’m currently typing this entry and snacking on a small portion of organic baked beans and a raw carrot, and out of the corner of my eye I see the mound of now clean laundry waiting to be put away… I should get on that!

My question to YOU ALL isssssssssssss…….

I bought some extra firm tofu yesterday, and would love some simple but delicious recipe ideas…….I would LOVE to get some good recommendations!!!! I’d like to make something new this week – and I’ve never made a tofu dish before : )


– Ania