So this morning marked the first day of the Fall Semester of my Junior year of college. Woo does time fly. I am currently writing to you from the Hunter College cafeteria, where it seems most students are enjoying either french-fries, chicken nuggets, or sushi for breakfast. I will never understand some people’s eating patterns.

Now, you may be wonder why I am sitting in the cafeteria instead of in class. No, I am not one of those bad-ass kids from high school who sat in the caf playing cards – I was the nerd in Chemistry class making INDEX cards and struggling to get by in science. But anyway, Astronomy Lab is scheduled to start at 9:10 AM. So, the previously mentioned nerd was standing outside of the classroom door at 9:00 am. Only to find out lab was cancelled.

My next class is at 11:10 a.m. Womp. womp. womp. Anyway, I’m enjoying a nice cup of coffee, actually functioning internet, and a strangely comforting view of a dreary, rainy, New York City day.

Breakfast was quick and painless (the exact opposite of my morning)…


Puffins with half a sliced banana and some skim milk – in my favorite bowl  ever that my mom made me in pottery class!

I am VERY excited for class at 11:10 because it’s Creative Writing. I have been wanting to take this class since before I started college. So let’s hope it works out well.

To end this morning’s post, I would like to share with you the mass Facebook message I just sent out to 15 of my family members on my father’s side. In short, my dad has a facebook, spelt his name wrong, and has no idea what he’s doing.


Hello everyone!

Just thought everybody would like to know, that today I went on my father’s facebook page (never thought I would say "my father" and "facebook" in the same sentence) and noticed something interesting.

Besides the fact that he is still a man of mystery, with no picture or information, as well as using the alias "Peterc", what amused me most was his friends.

He has many friends, a good many compared to my ancient brothers, Michael and David (no, not Michaelc or Davidc). But, besides having so many said friends….I am not one of them. And all of you (pretty much) are.

I requested him 3 months ago.

So, the long and short of this, besides saying hello! and letting all of my wonderful family know I am alive and well besides the realm of the Facebook world, is a campaign for all of you fantastic relatives to get my father to add me as a friend on facebook.

So go ahead – message him, write on his wall, "Poke him", or take a real risk and actually call him on the phone.
Remember though, if you’re looking for him, don’t forget the "c" after "Peter". He is, after all, a man of mystery…and clearly not of technology.

Thanks, love you, and miss you all,