I hope everyone has had a fab weekend!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bummed Friday night about not getting the apartment : /

But like I said, there must be something better waiting for me – everything happens for a reason!

The rest of Friday was low key…..my friend Lindsey came to crash at my place since she was working at Arthur Ashe Kids Day in Flushing the next day….so we just hung out and actually went to bed pretty early…..

Linds left pretty early Saturday morning, and I managed to go back to bed for an hour or so……however when I did get up it was still quite early before my spin class so I had this bar for pre-class fuel:


It was similar to an Amazing Grass bar basically…….another blogger at the HSL summit was giving these out : )

After an awesome class and some boxing……..the rest of Saturday I spent at Studio Square for my friend Jennifer’s birthday : )

This place has great outdoor space – and GREAT sangria on tap! Note the awesome pitcher of sangria in the below pic!





It was a good time – and I ended up seeing a bunch of other friends that I hadn’t seen since last summer, who were also at Studio Square celebrating birthdays : )

Lindsey came back and we both passed out before midnight – well I know I did for sure (thanks sangria – I can always count on you knock me out and give me a good nights sleep! hah)

This morning I headed off to spin again (clearly I love spinning if you haven’t caught on!), came home and showered, made phone calls, etc….and when I was finally done around 1 or so….I was STARVING……..seeing that sangria was basically dinner last night : / and I went straight to the class this morning…….my tummy was growlingggggg for food….

So I made an awesome single serving blueberry pancake – loaded with cinnamon and flaxseed, topped with PB and TJ blackberry jam, and a sliced golden delicious apple on the side:

Quite the disfigured pancake – but delish nonetheless!


Yes, I went back for a second scoop of PB – and a carrot ……I’ve never had PB and carrot together before – good combo!


Much, much, much better! : )

After brunch, I made a quick trip to the grocery store – it was no Trader Joe’s trip, but good enough because I got a bunch of fab things and saved about $15 bucks due to some awesomeee coupons I got from the HSL Summit! Whohooooooo!

Oats, cucumbers, bananas, 7 grain bread, beets, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, Stonyfield organic yogurt and Greek Oikos yogurt, jalepeno & cilantro hummus!, POM juice (the blueberry kind which I have to try!), one Amy’s Burrito (has anyone ever tried any of Amy’s burritos before?), Nasoya tofu (which I have also never had before!), and some extra sharp cheddar cheese with habanero peppers – omg hot, hot, hot! Love it!




Well I am off to go start organizing my closet – it has been on my to-do list for weeks and I am ready to go blast some country music and start cleaning!

Catch you all later! : )

– Ania