Yay for today being Friday! : )

Boo for finding out that the studio that was 90% going to be mine is not going to be after all……

Unfortunately, after a final phone call with the other house owner who I didn’t meet face to face during my viewing, we were unable to come to a compromise regarding price – as much as we both wanted to…. : (

He was really nice, however in the end it simply just didn’t work out – and even though I technically could afford the price they are asking, I would have to sacrifice other expenses and lifestyle decisions…..

Well, I like to believe everything happens for a reason…..so hopefully a better place is waiting for me! : )

I forgot to change my camera batteries…..so again, I apologize for the lack of food pics!

I did have another amazing Larabar for lunch today – the gingersnap flavor – HOLY YUM again! Not as good as the Coconut Creme Pie flavor, but still!

I got home from working craving breakfast food…..I realize this tends to happen when I don’t eat carbs all day (unintentionally!) – especially after intense exercise……

So I made a lovely single serving blueberry/flaxseed/whole wheat pancake! : ) I spread a thin layer of PB and blackberry jam on top and added a mound of blueberries!



Later on I snacked on two carrots with a sprinkle of flaxseed, and some frozen grapes (which are always amazing!)


Alrighty, well I’m out for now – catch you all later! : )

– Ania