As I mentioned yesterday, I might have found the ideal apartment for me…..well technically it’s a junior studio in someone’s home, but it is so charmingggg nonetheless!

The guys at work let me leave, actually persuaded me to leave so I could do a viewing of the place – so indeed I went to view the studio earlier today and really liked it……it is small yet homey, and old yet charming, the bathroom is almost as big as the bedroom, and the tudor house itself is in a gorgeous neighborhood in Queens…..

However, I believe I mentioned yesterday that the asking price is a couple hundred dollars more than what I can afford/am looking to pay……and I was well aware of this before viewing the apartment – but was hoping I could persuade the owners to compromise and lower the rent while I viewed the place in person…..

Well after my tour and speaking with one of the house owners, I was informed that the asking price IS a lowered price, because typically they would charge even a couple hundred more………yikes….

So my point is, when I was informed of this, I figured compromising was definitely not an option any longer………the truth was there was no way I could afford this place even with the new asking price, and also the fact that there are soo many people on the “waiting list” after me – I bet all of whom are able to pay the current asking price.

So I sort of left bummed, even though I knew this was most likely going to happen : /

HOWEVER, after I got back to work, I had a new voicemail – and it was the owner I met with…..she said talked to “her other half” – who was not present when I came to view the place – and informed me that she told him how much she liked me, etc….and that he is perhaps willing to compromise and lower the price some more for me, despite there being so many other responses to the ad!!!!!

So I am currently waiting for a three way phone call from the owners….I reallyyyy, realllly, hope this works out! And I would be moving this coming week! Ahhh! : )

Work was work – the apartment was all I could think about all day after coming back from the viewing……

Unfortunately my camera died, so no food pics……..and dinner was a repeat of last night, so I won’t bore you there……

However, I will point out I did have one of these for lunch:

Coconut Creme PIe Larabar

OMGGGG! Like Polly would say, “HOLY YUM!”

By far my favoriteee Larabar so far! I love every flavor that I have tried so far, but jeez this was amazingggg, I wished I hadn’t inhaled it so fast! lol

Well, I apologize for the photo-less post! : (

However, I had to vent about today’s happening, so thanks for reading all the way up this point! – I’m quite excited! Keep your fingers crossed for me! : )

– Ania