First of all, I AM SO SORRY ANIA, to put you through days of torture wondering if

1.) I was pregnant and having the illegitimate love child of Mr. Smucker himself.

2.) I was moving to Egypt to pursue a career in Egyptian Elephant-Dung Pottery Making (hey, it’s resourceful).

or finally 3.) I am blacklisted from calling, interacting, or even talking about Time Warner Customer Service, after making three Service Reps cry, two quit their job, and successfully ruining the days/lives of over 300 Time Warner employees.

Alas, it is none of those three… (Okay maybe there is SOME truth to number three)…

But first let me start by saying, IT WAS TACO TUESDAY!!

kitts 006

But by the looks of this picture, you might start to actually believe I am actually pursuing a career in Elephant poop.

Sorry, had to say it. But it WAS delicious I swear. Lean turkey meat, cooked in EVOO, with taco seasoning and some organic salsa. Oh, and that yellow mound of delish is Tribe’s Organic Roasted Pepper Hummus.

Plus a simple side salad

kitts 005

Mark was excellent dinner company.

But not as excellent as them…

kitts 011

World, let me introduce you to Carly and Kate, our new fur-babies.

Here’s Kate.

kitts 002

She’s a little bit lighter in color than Carly and don’t let her appearance fool you, she is FIESTY. She is definitely more outgoing and brave than her adorable sister…


 kitts 009

Carly is such a sweetheart but is a shy little girl. She follows Kate everywhere and cries when she can’t find her. Don’t be fooled though, she’s SNEAKY and I swear as soon as I turn around, she is off climbing bookcases or sniffing around in the closet.

She is also a total foodie. Which makes her awesome in my books. She even tried to steal some of my ice cream. But no matter how cute you are, NOBODY touches my ice cream. Not even this handsome guy…

 kitts 010

Unfortunately, the kitties needed a quick bath. Kate was NOT happy about it and spent the next few traumatic minutes wrapped in my arms like a baby.

 kitts 013

But now they are resting quite nicely and happily between Momma and Poppa.

kitts 011

 kitts 012 

Alright, blog-world. That’s the surprise. Hope it didn’t disappoint. If it did, though, don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll do something more extreme like kidnap my grandmother, go to work wearing a bright orange Adidas headband – and nothing else, or maybe even stop supporting Trader Joe and all of his children’s college educations.