Hey all!

The surprise has been revealed! How cute are those kittens?!?! In all honesty, I am not a cat person – one reason being due to a very unpleasant experience as a kid…….but I will admit kittens are cute, and these guys are adorable, especially with those huge eyes and little faces!!! I can’t wait to see them in person! : )

Today started with an early 6AM spin class, getting ready afterwards, and then off to work I was!

For breakfast I had a nice mug of coffee, H2O, and a nice bowl of cut up peach & nectarine:


And this Green SuperFood bar:


Up to this point, I have never tried anything from the Amazing Grass product line…..so I didn’t know what to expect going into my first bite….whether this bar was going to taste like dates, or spinach, or have a nutty flavor, or who knows! First bite in…..I can see how someone would think these bars are gross – they definitely have an weird taste to them – however, like I’ve mentioned before – I tend to like weird things, so I actually liked this bar! I mean it doesn’t even compare to Larabars in taste whatsoever, but for the random assortment of organic ingredients that comprise this bar – the taste is not bad….and the nutritional value is excellent….

My stomach started to growl by 11:30 though, so I opened my mini bag of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies that I got from my HSL swag bag!


This snack did the job – I actually didn’t eat lunch until close to 2ish…..leftover zucchini from last night and a TJ cheddar cheese stick….


And something I have been wanting to try for so long! Chobani pineapple flavored yogurt!


I have been looking for a pineapple yogurt for awhile, and only came across a brand that was so artificial and had a gazillion grams of sugar and calories in their pineapple yogurt – PASS….

I LOVEDDDDDDD this new flavor! Despite it being a tadddd too sweet, it was awesome! I had it plain, and it was so tasty by it’s naked self! : )

I can’t wait to try the new pomegranate flavor now! Mmmmm!

Again….work dragged a little…..however, I received a heads up that September is going to be freakin’ crazy, so be prepared…..currently it is a little slow due to so many people being on vacation before summer ends apparently……

So I did some apartment hunting during lunch, and found an advertisement for what seems like a dream apartment…….the only problem is that it is a little out of my budget – so my plan is to see the place, and hopefullyyyy persuade the owners to compromise with me to lower the monthly rent a tad! Ahhh, I would love this!

Another delay is the women has yet to call me back : / I guess I called her at work, and she said she would call me in an hour – which never happened… so I figure I’ll call her again after I finish this post…..

When I got home from work….I eventually made dinner which consisted of some Bionature gluten free penne with some carrots & sundried tomatoes, tossed in a light coating of balsamic and EVOO…..


For dessert I had nice whopping spoonful of almond butter – mmmm….just what I was craving!

Well, I’m off to apartment hunt some more….clearly this has become a priority!

Later! : )

– Ania