Casey you’re killing me! Casey left us all with a lovely cliffhanger on Saturday in regards to a surprise that has yet to be revealed! After numerous attempts of guessing today – I have yet to receive an answer! I feel as though one of my guesses may have been correct perhaps?!?!

In the meantime, today was a good day…..Happy 25th Anniversary to my parents! : )

I got up and went to the gym, had an awesome workout, came home and got ready for work…..and started my day with a nice breakfast at my desk:


A nice mug of coffee, my huge Nalgene of H2O (always with me weighing down my bag 5 pounds lol), a small nectarine, and two small homemade flaxseed/blueberry muffins…..

Lunch came around pretty quickly…..which consisted of apartment hunting on Craigslist – my goal is to move into somewhere new by my birthday (mid October)….I would love to find a new place sooner though…..

Anyways, for lunch I had some cherry tomatoes and a cucumber both from the garden, and TJ cheddar cheese stick broken in pieces into chunks:


And I had a very small leftover piece of my mom’s apple bread that I squished into my suitcase and it all turned into little crumbs…..nothing to photograph…..and so I resorted to my Kashi PB bar an hour or so later:


And made this tea which was a great flavor!


I had big cleaning plans for tonight which included laundry and some other tedious chores….however, when I finally got home, I just didn’t have the energy to do any of them – perhaps tomorrow or Thursday…..

For dinner I baked some zucchini in the oven – 15 minutes, 425 degrees…..

Meanwhile I had a small piece of grain bread with some almond butter and some TJ blackberry jam, with a refreshing glass of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze:


When my zucchini was all done I made a nice small plate of some chicken and a glob of ketchup, a few sun-dried tomatoes (one of my favorite foods I must say!), and half of the zucchini which I had baked with a great adobe spice mix….



Okay, I’m off to apartment hunt some more since I swapped doing chores for another night……

Meanwhile, I am eagerly anticipating Casey’s surprise!

– Ania