I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I was NOT looking forward to today….being Monday ALREADYYY……

My weekend at home was great, but it went soooo quick – too quick! There never seems to be enough time in the day and weekends always fly by…..

I am not a huge fan of my hometown of Albany (sorry – just being honest again lol), but it was great to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in almost half a year or so!

Here is a brief Albany weekend recap for ya!

Rewinding back to Saturday morning ….. I sort of slept in (meaning I slept for seven hours, not six or five or less … ), relaxed and caught up with both the rents in the morning, and enjoyed a simple, yet DELISH brunch!



Food porn! So colorful! Blueberries, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe…..YUM! I enjoyed a lovely bowl!

And…..I had two small homemade delicious blueberry muffins: My mom literally combined a bunch of unmeasured ingredients and they came out awesome: gluten free flour, Bob’s Red Mill gluten free baking flour, eggs, a little sugar, flaxseed, pinch of salf, Keifer, baking powder, blueberries, and vanilla! She was laughing because who knows how these babies were going to turn out…..but they came out awesome……awesome flavor, and awesome texture – quite nutty from the flaxseed added…..


I had some pineapple my mom cut up as well, and topped my muffins with a little Almond Buttah!




Too bad the sun wasn’t shining, I would have loved to have breakfast on the deck…..but here is a random shot of my mommy’s proud garden, her main crop: cucumbers – cucumbers the length of my suitcase – why such a random comparison?! lol…..because we tried to shove as many cucumbers as possible into my suitcase before leaving ….however so many of them wouldn’t fit!



Unfortunately the weather was pretty crappy Saturday morning – a nonstop drizzle – so we didn’t go to any farmer’s markets that were going on, however my mom and I did go visit the Honest Weight Food Co-op in downtown Albany – I have never been here before – LOVED IT! I had no idea this place existed! It was just as heavenly as Trader Joes!

There were so many pretty flowers outside!


Hahaha…..a candid of my mom checking out the produce:


Nut and fruit butter jackpot!!!!


And they had about five aisles of just dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate covered everything, beans, etc…..


We walked out with many goodies: fresh, organic produce, various organic pita wraps, new larabars for me!!!. and beloved ginger chews for my mom lol, some agave nectar, and other varied yumminess, including a $2 pack of Cinnamon Xylichew sugar free chewing gum that my mom randomly placed on the counter last minute ….not bad! Has anyone everrrr heard of this brand though?!?! I would be shocked….


I would have loved to have bought soooo much more – but my stay in Albany was short, and my suitcase was only so big : /

…..and unfortunately not a refrigerator either…..

Moving on……I have to point out…..one thing I was really looking forward to was all weekend was…..DRIVING! Seeing that I don’t have a car in the city, and really don’t need one, I do miss driving……so I was excited to peel out of the driveway seeing that I was deprived of the steering wheel for about half a year….


The sun came out on the way home and my mom and I stopped at the local track for a quick walk…..

When I got home I took my bike out for a nice hour ride…..it was soo humid out, so my nice glistening layer of sweat was an instant magnet for those annoying little flies…..luckily I didn’t swallow any extra protein this time around!

I came home to some family friends that had stopped by…..chatted for a little……and then hit the shower, got ready, and met my best friendssss Allie and Mike who I hadn’t seen in 5 months —- wayy tooo longgg!


The night consisted of A LOT of catching up, good laughs, and an enormous slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake that we all split at The Cheesecake Factory! I can’t believe I didn’t take a pic of this slice of heaven, because it was completely blog-worthy! I absolutely HATE cream cheese, and am not a cheesecake person as a result – but this was AmAzInG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday morning…..my dad’s birthday! I woke up early to meet Allie at the local track for a good power walk…..and to catch up a little more before leaving……

My mom had made her to die for Apple Bread – which of course I had to have a slice of before heading out the door……I couldn’t resist!…..it is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! Refer to the recipe page!!!!!

Also, this time around my mom used gluten-free flour instead of regular whole wheat, and the bread came out the best I have ever tasted it – soooo gooey and mushy! On the other hand, my mom prefers a more compact texture, so she wasn’t as thrilled with the turnout, but I lovedddd the crumbly, “falling apart” texture that this bread had!

Mmmmmmmm! : )


I ended up going for a nice 90 minute power walk and when I got back I had some fruit and some Almond Butter with a little bit of this cereal:


I’ve become a huge fan of flax anything……this cereal was awesome…..

I also tried a spoonful of this new product:


I believe the only ingredients are apples and cider……it was perfectly sweet – not too much – by far the best apple butter I have tasted!

Later in the day we had family friends over for some bbq…..and my Foxy Candygirl came!




She’s soo cute!

Sorry, I got distracted with puppy shots I took no food pics haha….although the chicken my dad made and the zucchini & squash were delicious…..


And addition to my dad’s bday…. Tuesday is my parents 25th anniversary……so in celebration of both, he got a cake from Bella Napoli …..definitely one of the best bakeries around the capital region area…..



The cake my dad alwayssss gets is basically a sponge cake with a rum filling inside and covered in almonds on the outside…..it’s not my favorite….but pretty good nonetheless……..you gotta have a sliver…

Everyone enjoying a slice…..minus the birthday boy…..hmmm…..



There we go….the rents and I……birthday boy…..and mom…..who had a tad too much wine possibly?!? ; ) hehehe….

Well this nice get together turned into pure chaos once 6pm rolled around, and I realized I was not all packed & company was still over, yet I had to make a 6:30 bus (seeing that the station is about exactly 30 minutes away!)…….well….I just made it!

I got home to my place in Queens before 11pm or so…..it must of been a vision for everyone to see me struggle with my suitcase whenever I reached a nice set of stairs in the subway- thanks fellow New Yorkers for no help! I guess nobody was in a helping mood! And I guess nobody assumed I was wheeling around/carrying 457038 pounds worth of cucumbers lol….

Anyways, this Monday morning a first happened……I slept through my alarm and didn’t make my spin class! : ( I am fully aware that I don’t get enough sleep whatsoever – but I am NOT a snoozer! I don’t even recall hitting the snooze button – but I did. Ughhhh…..I was so mad…..especially since Monday morning sessions are with my favorite instructor…….and I only ended up sleeping for an extra 27 minutes, but it was too late to catch the class…since it was starting in two minutes……and it was pointless to go back to bed, because I had to get ready for work in a short time anyways……

So I headed off to work – which was extremelyyyyyyy slowwwww todayyyyy – I have no idea why there have been so many slow days recently! Usually the days fly byyy! Or maybe it was just one of those days that I simply did not want to be at work : /

After work I headed to the gym and got in the good sweat I was craving…..

One huge sign that I am sleep deprived is the fact that my lips, especially the corners, get sooo chapped! : ( So, this stuff has been my lifesaver! …..

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm!

So on that random, random note, I am going to go slather on 3845093485 layers of this stuff and catch up on some Zzzzzs…..(yeah right)


– Ania