Yesterday morning I woke up to the norm……6am alarm….awesome spin class with my fav instructor….shower……out the door for work……BACK UP!…….but then I spotted an ant on the hardwood floor and killed it, and was about to head out again, when I looked closer and noticed they were EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEE! This invasion had to have happened over night……but let me tell you – I HATE INSECTS – and so naturally I started to flip out a litte……not to mention the timing was veryyyy inconvenient seeing that I was A.) headed out the door for work and B.)Not coming home to the apt. until Sunday night……….ughhhh…..the last thing I wanted to do was spray some nasty chemicals seeing that I lock my room when I leave my place – I didn’t want any gross fumes sitting and lingering in my small space……so I did the next best thing…..ran to Rite Aid and got ant traps….I am praying that the ants are gone when I return Sunday night : /

Moving on….I finally got to work…..and had a delayed breakfast……H2O, some a big mug of coffee, and a bowl of oats with stevia, cinnamon, sliced almonds, ground flaxseed, water, skim milk……and some coffee! This idea was actually quite good! I definitely picked up on the coffee flavor in the oats! Seeing that my fruit stash had ran out….I wanted to add SOMETHING…..not bad! : )



I ate lunch right before leaving work to catch my 2:30 bus to Albany…..a TJ cheddar cheese stick, a Musselman’s Blueberry Pomegranate sauce from my HSL swag bag! (I actually really liked this flavor for applesauce!), and some raw carrots & cucumber the size of a forearm sliced with sun-dried tomato hummus:



The bus ride was longer than expected due to weather, transfer stops, and traffic…..and of course I sat next to a guy who has 9 daughters and could care less that he was going to Albany for the wedding for the ninth one…..partially because “It’s the ninth one,” also because his ex-wife was going to be there, and his “finance” from that he met in Puerto Rico was coming up the next day (enemies with the ex-wife I gathered)……meanwhile he kept hitting me with his knub of a finger making sure I was paying attention to this very weird family situation/story of his…….luckily we were almost to Albany at that point.

Since we were delayed but quite a lot…..I ate this ChocChip Trailmix PURE bar from my HSL swag bag to hold me over until dinner at Muza’s……this was my first Pure

bar and I loved it! I didn’t know what to expect and I found it similar to a Larabar with crunch! Mmmmmm!


Well, I will be back shortly with a recap of dinner tonight at Muza’s! Stay tuned!

– Ania