(I wrote this last night, but couldn’t put it up due to no internet!….so here we go!)

I am stuffedddd…..

I recently got home from dinner at Muza’s with my mom and Sharon…….

But before the recap……

HOW CUTE IS THIS PUPPY?!?!!? Meet Poochini – Sharon’s new pup!







Hahaha…I love this picture! It was sooooo hard to get a pic of this pooch that wasn’t blurry or that even caught him, because he is just sooo energetic and crazy fast! Sooooo cuteeee! I want him!!! lol

And I love Sharon’s back yard…..so peaceful, especially with the pond and fountain……



After some catching up and meeting the pup, we headed off to Muza’s, a European cuisine (specifically Polish) restaurant located in Troy, NY. It recently opened (about 2 years ago) and has so far received great reviews from various critics within the capital area region for its “very homey, Grandma’s Polish cooking” meals….so we figured we would go see for ourselves!

Muza’s Menu!


IMG_1990.JPG IMG_1991.JPG

The place is very small (it can fit 20-30 people I believe), but very cute and homey nonetheless….the kitchen is located right where you enter the place – everything is made from scratch supposedly! The inside has a lot of wooden paneling and the ceilings are gorgeous……

To the food!

I should clarify – I am Polish and proud of my roots yes, but I am not a huge fan of Polish cuisine – I mean it’s good, but not my favorite whatsoever – I’m just being honest! : /   

Anyways…..I was starving by the time we got to dinner…..

First, my mom and I ordered the barszcz (borscht – American spelling lol)……. warm beet soup with a few beans, potatoes, and a lot of seasoning…..it was actually very, very yummmy!


This was my favorite part of the meal!

Sharon ordered the mushroom soup which I also sampled, and it was yummy as well – good chunks of mushrooms with noodles….


For main courses my mom ordered a plate of the pierogis (stuffed w/ potato, cheese, and onion), Sharon ordered the beef goulash with noodles and sauerkraut, and I

ordered the Polish sampler – plate of pierogis, golombkis (stuffed cabbage), and potato pankcakes…..


Okay….I am just giving my honest opinion here……the reviews I read about this place before coming really created a hype and were all extremely positive – but overall, unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed…..

I had 3/4 of a golombki – they were good, but my mom makes them ten times better…..I wasn’t amazed….

I had 3/4 of one of the potato pancakes – yikes! Some parts were OK, others were waaaayyyyy tooooo greasy!!!

The pierogis were decent – again, I have had better – but they were pretty good…..

So basically, the beet soup was my favorite part of the meal hands down…..

Although dessert was pretty delish – we “made room” to split the chocolate hazelnut and banana crepe:


It was pretty heavenly : ) Bananas and hazelnut/chocolate – you can’t go wrong with that!

My overall take on this place: I give it 5 out of 10 scoops…..It was a decent meal, the beet soup I would totally recommend, the prices are pretty cheap, the service is slow but very nice (I served as translator to Sharon as the waitress realized my mom and I speak Polish), but I do feel like the food is “heavy” no matter how little or how much you eat – and feel as though perhaps I might be experiencing some slight indigestion lol….

Anyways, it’s nice to see Polish restaurants pop up nonetheless when other cuisines seem to dominate the area – I hope they are able to flourish…..

When we got home, I surprised my dad with my unexpected presence (I told him I was no longer coming home)……he had just woken up and it took him a good 10 seconds to realize who I was (since I chopped my hair off recently) and what was going on lol……

That’s all for now! Catch you later! : )

– Ania