**Sorry guys, I know it’s Saturday, but I have had terrible luck with getting my no internet connection issue resolved (boo Time Warner!) and Live Writer wasn’t uploading correctly from Starbucks. So, lo and behold, here’s Friday morning’s post…

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! It is finally time for relaxing and fun, and who knows…there may be a BIG surprise coming this weekend. But you’ll have to stay tuned for THAT info 😉 (Enter cliff-hanger, stage left). It’s such a new possible surprise than not even Ania knows yet! I anticipate a text from her in 10, 9, 8…

Before I start, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all 256 of you who checked out the blog yesterday. That is very exciting for Ania and I, and I’m a little ashamed your first impression of me included my pointing out the word “balls” in the background of a picture.

gym 001

Notice a slight increase?

Back to today – I think every morning is glorious when it involves a great workout before 7am. And workout we did. Told ya I would bring my camera!

We started out with 10 minutes on the stationary bikes. 

 gym 003

If you look really hard, you can see the McDonald’s sign in the background. I’m pretty sure about 76% of my fellow gym members head there immediately after their workout. Except the mafioso meatheads that are typical of my neighborhood bring Myoplex to add to their McFlurry’s.

Of course, we both needed literature. I went for People Magazine, since I am terribly concerned about the state of Brad and Angie’s marriage.

 gym 006

After he took this picture, my uncle commented, “Ha! Case, it looks like you’re a blind person reading!”

Did I say my uncle? I meant the weird guy next to me who’s been following me all morning. Who, by the way, caught up on his fave magazine too…

gym 004

That’s right. We all have a little Latina (and female) inside of us.

After warming up, it was time for some ab-work and stretching. Allie isn’t quite the flexible yogini just yet, so I had him use a jump rope for some assistance…

   gym 007 

Then I incorporated ab-work into the move…

gym 009

And then I had a great idea to play a game of dodge-ball….using stability balls. I took a video of it, but I deleted it on accident, and now I hate myself.

Then it was time for an obstacle course, and it probably would have also been a good time for Allie to find his inhaler.

I knew I was pumped.

gym 011

But not more than Allie who, after taking this, realized he could see himself in the background of the picture. I’m tellin ya, he FOLLOWED ME.

The obstacle course involved…

gym 015

 gym 016

 gym 017 

 gym 019

gym 027

 gym 020

 gym 023   

After the obstacle course, I had the feeling it was time to throw in the towel and head home…

 gym 013


Now, as I’m sitting here and typing this, I am enjoying an easy and refreshing breakfast…

A mix of Kashi Strawberry Fields and Puffins Cereal with skim milk

au 048

And 1/2 of a sliced peach with a small scoop of Barney Butter


Perfect start to a Friday…

au 047

Delish. Mmm weekend, here I come!

Ahh! I’m late for work again! Adios,