Today was a pretty scorching hot day in NYC…….

I started the day with a good workout at the gym, showered and got ready, arrived at work, and finally settled down to eat breakfast….much later than wanted/expected, as I am a big advocate for fueling those muscles post workout, and my stomach was rumblinggg like crazy…..although breakfast was yummmy!


I made a packet of Kashi’s Creamy Truly Vanilla Hot Cereal – this stuff smells SOOOOOO good when you make it! OMG!!! I also added a very ripe small banana….however I was feeling so hungry, and took that body cue as “Give us more fuel Ania!”… I added some chunks of a Kashi Trail Mix granola bar.…. DELISH!

Work was work…….I was hoping to meet Casey for lunch since finalllyyyy I was able to with my schedule and seeing it was GORGEOUS out….. however she had in office training……of course! …the one day…..

Well, I was not NOT going to go outside for lunch today……way too often this summer I had to inhale my lunch at the computer to get back to work…or worked & ate simultaneously…… a result, I have zero color and missed so many sunny days, sitting my igloo of an office!

So, I ventured out to Bryant Park today – it was packedddd! I wanted to find a chair with a table which presented a challenge, but I spotted a pair right in the beaming sun and sat down….



For lunch I had sundried tomato hummus and a little avocado on TJ grain bread, a yummy peach, and a TJ cheddar cheese stick – which you can’t tell, but was like turned into instant gooeyness due to being in the heat for 10 minutes!


After 25 minutes or so, I realized whyyy nobody had claimed the table I was at……the sun was soooo intense…..TOO intense…….after I finished lunch and some more reading of my Body & Soul magazine from the HSL…..I headed back inside…..when I got in my arms & neck were burnt…….I can honestly say I think I got more sun today at lunch than I did the entire summer! Or at least it felt like it!

Right before work ended I ate a little snack – some organic dried pineapple from Peeled Snacks , which was also in my swag bag from the HSL! ; ) I don’t think I

have ever had dried pineapple rings – this snack was just what I needed to get through the last hour at the office….


I headed straight home after work…..

Again dinner today was sooo random, and so not fancy whatsoever…..

I had some raw carrots w/ hummus:


and then I had of one of the most underrated sandwiches – PB & J……one of my favs hands down…..I crave PB&J….and this is exactly what I wanted for dinner, and it hit the spot…..and was quick, clean, and easy : )

However, this wasn’t an ordinary PB&J… was two Original GOLean Kashi waffles w/ a scoop of Barney Butter & blackberry jam from TJs……YUM, YUM, YUM!


If you can’t tell by the incorporation of this brand into today’s eats…..I LOVE Kashi! : )

Well I’m off to pack for a weekend trip home to Albany…..I haven’t been there in about 5 or so months, and it’s my dad’s birthday weekend… it will be a nice surprise, and also nice to see best friends, family friends, etc…. : )

Tomorrow evening my mom, dear family friend Sharon, and I are going out to dinner at Muza’s – it has received great reviews for its Polish cooking…..I’ll definitely provide a recap ; )

What is everyone’s favorite cuisine? How about Polish food – any favorite dishes?!

Catch you all sometime later!

– Ania