After our 6 a.m. workout, Ania and I quickly showered and got dressed and headed down to sign-in and get some grub.

bos 043

The breakfast selection was excellent and really healthy – not that we were expecting anything less. I had half of a cinnamon raisin bagel with a little PB and light cream cheese, a Strawberry Oikos yogurt, and a small bowl of fruit.

bos 040

Ania had the other half of the cinnamon raisin bagel and pretty much the same exact thing as me! I knew I should have put a copyright on my breakfast.

bos 041

We ate breakfast and chatted with a few really nice girls and at 9am headed into the conference room…

 bos 047

Ania sat next to our new blogger friend (and soon-to-be RD!!) Kristen. Check out her blog – Simply Savor! It rocks.

 bos 044

And I sat next to Nicole – another new friend who’s blog is called Healthy . She was actually taking a stalker-azzi picture of Zesty Cook at this moment. I think I almost peed myself when she pointed out that Zesty looks like Chris Daughtry and said, I kid you not, “I LOVE your music dude”.  This girl is freakin’ hysterical and I was very lucky to sit next to her 🙂

 bos 046

Finally, the summit committee stood up and welcomed everyone and the Summit officially began!

bos 048

From left to right, Caitlin, Kath, Heather (can’t really see her, sorry!), Jenna, Meghann, and Tina. These ladies were all excellent at speaking in front of such a big crowd, and more importantly, myself. I’m sure word got out real fast that Casey from DoubleScooped was attending and everybody stepped up their game significantly. Or maybe that was just a fantasy I created in my head. Who knows.

The first speaker was Janel Ovrut, and it was Zesty to the rescue when there were a few computer issues.

bos 049

Janel was very informative and spoke very well. Some highlights from her talk…

* The most important vitamin supplements you can take are Calcium D, Omega-3, and a multi-vitamin with iron.

* When it comes to grocery shopping, to “Eat like your grandparents”, meaning buying the basics – no crazy frozen meals, sugary cereals, greasy chips, meals in a box, etc. Eat whole, simple, fresh foods.

 Unfortunately: Janel should meet my grandmother. Breakfast is a Pall Mall cigarette with a Betty Crocker packaged Ring Ding. Lunch is another cigarette paired with a delectable Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich, followed by fix or six jelly rings and more cigarettes. And dinner could either be a 3 Musketeers Bar or an Ice-Cream Sandwich.

* Artificial sweeteners are “okay in moderation” but it is important to remember that they ARE chemically altered.

Next up was Zesty Cook, who may think I am obsessed with him if he reads this blog, but I promise, it is only a slight infatuation. His talk was very informative and seriously made me realize how much I needed to step up my blogging game.

I took a lot of notes in an attempt to retain this plethora of blog-knowledge.

bos 050

I did so much thinking I immediately became famished and just HAD to dig into the swag-bag. I ended up sampling one of Angela’s Energy on the Glo bars.

bos 042

Ania and I both had a small piece…

 bos 045

It was delicious and I wish I had more than just one of these babies. Wouldn’t that be crazy if Angela Angela Angela Angela saw that I linked linked linked back to her and decided to send me a few more?!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch – which was just as healthy and delicious as breakfast.

I had a small serving of the potato salad with a pickle

bos 054 

Plus a fresh salad with some sautéed veggies

bos 052

And one slice of delicious whole grain bread, topped with a slice of turkey,a slice of swiss(?) cheese, a slice of tomato,  and a little pesto (which totally MADE the sandwich).

bos 053

My awesome summit lunch all together…

bos 051  

And after lunch, the second half of the summit commenced. But, it’s been a long post and Zesty would disapprove of a post that is too lengthy and what Zesty suggests, Casey does.

Stay tuned for Part 4 which involves more Summit shenanigans, an Italian feast and tons of fun bloggers, and even *GASP* J.P. Lick’s?!?

I’m out,