Oh man, I am tired today! : /

I woke up at 5:40 and went to spin class which was awesome – like always!

Wednesdays are tricky because spin is offered at 6 and 7 in the morning……if I go to the 6am, then I have plenty of time to get ready for work…….if I go to the 7am, I have to rush right from the gym and get ready super fast……that is why the 6:30 am classes are perfect!

So it always comes down to a Tuesday night decision…..extra hour of sleep or less stress in the morning getting ready…..initially last night, I chose the extra hour of sleep….but right before bed I switched my alarm to get up for the 6am class…..

Well I got ready (unrushed!) after the gym, headed off to work, and started breakfast at my desk with my amazingggggg breakfast cookie, some H2O and a cup of coffee……

However, perhaps I should have slept an extra hour longer……I don’t know if it was because today was an unusually slow day, but boy did it drag, and boy did I “hit the wall”………I gave in to another LARGE cup of coffee after lunch : /

The end of the day finalllllyyy rolled around, and I headed home…..

I almost missed my stop on the subway as I was buried in my Body & Soul magazine from the summit….however, hopped off right in time!

I ran to Duane Read to pick up some cards – I can stand in a card aisle forever – I love cards! And who doesn’t love receiving them in the mail?!?! : )

I finally got home and recently made dinner……..craving eggs, I used the last two of my cage free eggs to make an omelet……..with some leftover organic black beans and a few small chunks of avocado…….



I thought there was some hot sauce lying around…..that would of been a good compliment….bummer! Instead I added a tiny dab of ketchup : /

And added a sliced cucumber!



For dessert I had another one of Joe & Betsy’s amazing coconut chocolate bottomed bars….


Makes me realize how much I really like shredded coconut!

PS: Case – good thinking crumbling this up in your oatmeal! I felt like your concoction could have been contributed to Kath’s Tribute To Oatmeal page!

And on a final note, I bought/downloaded Ecto today, and am currently using it for the first time! I will have to fool around with the features, but so far I really appreciate how much time I am saving uploading photos! What other Ecto features are really useful?!?! Please let me know!!!! : )

Although sometimes I feel like I have insomnia, I don’t anticipate any trouble falling asleep tonight!

Sweet dreams! : )

– Ania