Well I didn’t sleep much longer than usual, but I did sleep hard as a rock……

I went to the gym at 6:30 and had a good workout and quickly showered for work……I love being able to – if needed – leave my place with my hair wet and have it be semi dry by the time I get to work…..a huge plus of chopping off all my hair! lol

Work started off great because I had an amazing breakfast:  2 slices of grain bread from TJ – toasted, with a packet of Barney butter from my awesomeeee swag bag from the HLS, and smalled sliced banana….THE BEST SANDWICH EVERRRRRR!


Work was work, a little slower than usual today……….


For lunch I had a bag of Popchips – also from my swag bag!  And a yummy concoction of sliced avocado, organic black beans, and some small chunks of cheddar…



The end of the workday finally rolled around….sorry nothing exciting happened  : /

 I stopped on the way home to pick up some veggies……


I finally had a chance to relax for a minute and catch up on some summit recap blog posts and such….

I wasn’t really hungry for dinner……you’ve probably noticed many times (since I am cooking for just myself) often times dinner turns into various little snacks instead….most times incorporating various types of veggies (need my veggie fix!)….

So sorry for the lame dinner posts sometimes, like tonight’s lol….

First off I had some raw carrots and cucumber with some all natural sundried tomato hummus…..YUM!



And some TJ, unsalted, PB stuffed pretzels:



After catching up on some more blogs, I indulged in one of these amazing coconut black bottom bars…..Casey and I won these at the summit’s silent auction……I believe they are the creation of http://joeandbetsy.com/

But they are sooo yummy!  


Also as you know, I always eat breakfast when I get to work….between waking up, the gym, showering, and my commute, there is no time to eat in peace….and the last thing I want to do is inhale breakfast…..so I wait until I am all settled in at my computer…..but to go along with this….I always prepare breakfast and dinner the night before….so I can have those 3,4,5 or whatever extra minutes in the morning……usually I share with you the night before what I have packed, because I just don’t think the five older men I work would understand why I take pictures of my food, however I think I’m going to switch up this pattern depending what I pack…just for visual sake….for example, oatmeal all nicely prepared makes a much nicer picture than showing you I packed a container of oats or a packet of them…..

However for tomorrow’s breakfast is an exception since it had to be prepared tonight!  I made a breakfast cookie….I haven’t made these in awhile!  

.5 cup oats….cinnamon….stevia……a scoop of ground flaxseed…..a packet of Barney butter!…..a few sliced almonds….about half a very ripe banana…..and a splash of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze….all mixed and mashed together….


…… spread onto a small plate, covered, *Licked the bowl and spoon clean!*, put in the frig to harden overnight….and ready to grab and go for tomorrow! 

IMG_1925Excuse the tacky tablecloth , clearly it’s not mine lol – I loveeee sunflowers…but ehhhhh….I’m not a fan of this particular print!

And for lunch tomorrow I packed a sundried tomato hummus and cucumber sandwich, a TJ cheddar cheese stick, and a juicy peach!


On a final note:  I believe I stood in the gum aisle for 45840958 minutes at the store today – starring at all the flavors for forever not knowing which one to get…..finally I chose:


I never seem to know what I want at the moment….fruity or mint…..well this new flavor tastes like sherbert….hmmmm……I guess it will do!  

Okie dokie…..that’s all for now!