Happy Monday everyone. I know, that sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, at least we can *pretend* that it’s happy.

For some reason, my lovely internet is not working right now so I’m using my new boyfriend, Windows Live Writer, to create a quick post and hopefully I can upload it sometime later!

Breakfast this morning was a classic…

bos 058

One egg + two scrambled egg whites with shaved parmesan cheese, a TJ’s whole wheat wrap, and a few delicious and very sweet strawberries.

It was a great breakfast but I was really craving some cereal or yogurt. Unfortunately, we all got back pretty late last night and there was no chance grocery shopping was an option. So, no milk = no cereal AND no Amazing Grass which I have been DYING to try! Anyway, onto the Boston Recap Part 2!

Boston Recap Part 2

So have you guessed who came to meet Ania and I in Boston? No, not Ryan Renolds or Gerard Butler. Even better…

bos 038

Mark and Jason! Doesn’t Mark looked thrilled? And doesn’t Jay look calm and relaxed? I guess that’s what vacation is for, huh?

After meeting up with these two good lookin’ fellas, we decided to walk around and take in Boston.

bos 025

This was before he asked me to “please stop taking pictures of everything already”. Actually, I’m not so sure he said please.

 bos 027

In front of a Boston firehouse…

bos 023

And since unlike New York, everything in Boston is pretty much shut-down by 10pm, Ania and I headed back to the room for some shut-eye while the boys went out for a drink. Which is how at 5:45 a.m. we were up and at ‘em in the Radisson fitness center where I had a nice view of the pool as I worked out…

bos 028

I was dying to whip off my shirt and shoes and jump into the pool in my sports bra and shorts. But then I decided it MIGHT give a bad impression of those attending the Healthy Living Summit and quickly gave up my dreams.

bos 033

And, total loser moment, I was beyond excited to see Tina there, but didn’t want to bother her because she was in the zone and I know how that feels. Plus, I felt like a creepy paparazzi with a four-year-old’s T-shirt (notice the loser in blue with the Dino-land tee). Besides that, we had a great workout.

While the slackers did their best to keep up with us…

bos 036

 bos 035


That’s it for Part 2 of the recap! Stay tuned for Part 3 to see how the summit went!!