Ahhhhhh!!!!  I hate to make this specific post shorter than wanted and written so quickly….but the week has alreayd gotten off to a crazyyy start…and I already feel overwhelmed! : /

BUT, I don’t want to delay the summit recap post any longer, so here we go! 

So like I said previously, the summit rocked!!!!  : )

Due to my camera batteries dying Friday night (womp womp), I wasn’t able to capture the fun anddd random happenings….however please refer to Casey’s Friday recap for all that occurred – starting with our departure from NYC to our encounter with sketchy grandpa, and everything inbetween!


Unfortunately, despite our nice rooms and comfy beds, I couldn’t fall asleep on Friday day, and ended up getting about 2 hours : /  

However, I don’t know if it was my excitement for the conference, but I felt pretty energized nonetheless!  Me and Case hit the gym at 6AM for a workout before the start of the conference…..quickly showered….and headed on down to check in and breakfast!


Again, my camera wasn’t working at this point, but the swag bags we received and all the goodies in them = AMAZINGGGGGGG!   Lovin’ it!     Thank to the sponsors, and especially the girls that made this entire event happen!


Breakfast was sooo goood -Stonyfield and Mix My Granola Breakfast Bar!  Love Stonyfield Oikos yogurt!   Case has yummy breakfast pictures!  It was the perfect breakfast to start the day!


Ahhh new camera batteries!  Here we go!



Prior to the start of the conference we met Kristen of Simply Savor!  Sweetheart!  We are definitely meeting up for zumba and a good eat!  : ) 



The keynote speakers were awesome: Nutrition with Janel Ovrut, MS RD LDN, Blogging 101 led by Zesty Cook, Stonyfield Keynote Speaker: Regina Beidler, Organic Dairy Farmer, and staff from Body + Soul Magazine 

And of course the Blogger Q & A was fun!  Along with all the other presentations that were on the agenda! 



Sometime in between we had lunch:


Lunch was a yummy “create your own sandwich,” raw veggies, fruit, roasted veggies, pickles, and potato and mixed green salads…..

I made a yummy sandwich and ate the right half, some tomatoes, half a pickle, and a bite of potato salad….then when a new batch of marinated roasted veggies came out, I ate a small stocked plate of those! yum!

Group pic at lunch!


The conference also consisted of a POM juice break, silent auction bake sale, giveaways, and a group pic – which I posted in the post before this one : )  Love it!

We had some downtime in the room and then headed off to the Fisherman’s Feast Italian Food Festival with fellow bloggers….


and two hotties!  ; )



And the fun/shenanigans started!




It was a night of  delicious Italian food (spinach and cheese rice ball — so good!), wine tasting, walking, good company, and to top an awesome night off — JP Licks ice cream!!!!!!!!!!  I had half oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt and half mocha chip…..I informed everyone that we were not leaving Boston until we had this ice cream – especially after all the raving about it on all the blogs!  


Sunday morning we joined fellow bloggers for breakfast at a bagel shop – which I must say was basically the only negative experience of the trip…..after placing a simple order…. the counter people continued to mess up my sandwich….no biggie…..the problem was they were giving ME attitude after I nicely and repeatedly tried to explain the problem…..ok then I started to get a littttlllleee mad because they continued to act like this simple miscommunication was my fault…..long (well not really but….) story short…..I lost all energy (and appetite) and asked for my money back……I am notttttt a fan of Fanagle Bagel – or whatever it was called! Grrr!


Although it was nice to spend the rest of the morning with bloggers…..

New York City represent!  haha : ) 


I think I can speak for the both of us, but Casey and I definitely met some AWESOME girls this weekend, a chunk of which we have discovered live in the NYC area!  Future meet ups!  Can’t wait!  : )


Although my bagel fell through, once we got back to the hotel, I dove into my awesome swag bag of goodies and had this probar for breakfast instead!  I’ve never had a probar before, and  I must say it was pretty freakin good!  Side note:  I had the peach fruition probar at work today….LOVEDDD IT!  


Unfortunately time came to leave Boston and return home to NYC…..I love NYC, but having not been to Boston in awhile……I wanted to stay longer!  The two cities really don’t compare…..road trip back to Boston in the near future…

Mark was awesome and drove home…..and Jason, Mark, Casey, and I stopped at Panera for dinner:

I ordered the “You pick 2” :  half fuji chicken salad I believe its called and half  black bean soup….with a whole grain baguette on the side….


I reallllly wish I could have documented the ridiculous/entertaining/random/hilarious drive home (which ended up being longer than expected due to traffic…)….but its a story within itself……..which ended in Jason realizing he was stuck to the seat hours after he sat in silly puddy…..you can only imagine the rest of the ride! lol



Bottom line: I cannot wait for next year!  Thanks to all the girls who put this together!  It was awesome to finally meet a bunch of you and share a fab weekend together!   : )


I really wish I could make this post much more detailed, longer, and comical, but I am sleep deprived as it is, and really need to work on getting more than 5 hours a sleep per night : /   I say this everyday, but I never act on it!  

Time to go do a billion more things before bed!  

But I can guarantee some additional summit recap posts from Casey coming up!  And if this girl doesn’t make you pee your pants from laughter, something is wrong! 


– Ania