I can’t believe the weekend is just about over. We have another 1/2 day left in Boston – including the “fun run” which I will be walking with Ania and perhaps a few of our new friends.

Let me just say everyone this weekend has been SO sweet and it has been fun getting to know everybody. Both Ania and I would LOVE to stay in touch and meet up with some of the awesome girls we’ve met this weekend.

That being said, let’s begin the recap! By the way, thanks to Zesty Cook’s Blogging 101 discussion, and the advice from the Summit committee girls, I am writing on Window’s Live Writer which is AMAZING! Life is so much easier!

On Friday Ania and I hightailed it out of work and straight to the airport, compliments of our chauffer, Marco. He even helped us with our luggage. I believe the phrase he used was, “ Do you guys want me to like, get a little suit and a hat too? ”.  We enjoyed the snazzy chairs and swivel tables in the terminal…

bos 031 

Unfortunately, no Wi-Fi was available and I wasn’t forking over 8 bucks to blog for 15 minutes. Unless I wanted to sign onto the blog, title my post “Quick Hello”, type “Hello!” and call it a day. So no blogging for me at La Guardia Airport 😦

There WAS eating and picture-taking though…and Ania and I did our best to scrounge up a healthy meal while everyone was meeting up at Rustic Kitchen!

bos 014

1/2 of a Grilled Chicken Asparagus wrap and 1/2 of a Mozzarella, Tomato, and Roasted Pepper salad.

I even snuck myself into Ania’s pic.

 bos 015

I also found these and needed to get them in case of sugar emergency. Which, thank God I did because said emergency occurred about 23 minutes after we finished “dinner”.

 bos 016

Late July organic Vanilla Bean with Green Tea cookies! They were really good although I really didn’t pick up on any green tea?

The flight was only about 30 minutes – it was faster than me driving from my house in Brooklyn to Mark’s apartment in Queens! Can you tell we were excited?

 bos 020

Upon arrival in Boston we hauled some serious hiney from the airport to the cocktail party. It started at 7 and we showed up at 9:15ish, so not too bad. I’d like to think we were fashionably late. So fashionable that most of the food was gone and everyone had made friends. Womp womp womp.

No worries though, we managed to taste a few things….

bos 022

….sip on some sangria,

 bos 021

….and of course, meet some lovely girls! It was very surreal to finally meet all of the people I have been reading about every single day.

After the cocktail party, Ania and I did some walking around and we were desperately searching for Newberry Street so we could hit up the much raved-about J.P. Lick’s. This is the moment where Ania decides to ask the sketchiest dude around, who talked for about 45 minutes before he even got out a somewhat understandable answer.

My ADD had already kicked in at this point and I was staring at a billboard that involved a lot of flashing lights. Finally we were able to escape and started walking on Boylston next to the park when all of a sudden we hear a voice and realize – it’s the creepy dude again. GREAT.

Trying to use our New Yorker street-smarts, we pretended to not hear him and kept walking, at which point he started running after us. We figured running would cause unwanted attention and just listened to what he had to say. He told us the park is dangerous at night, and I’m thinking, “Yes, because of people like you, Sir”.

That’s all for tonight, but check back tomorrow to find out…

1.) If we ever got to J.P. Lick’s.

2.) If the dude never stopped following us and is, in fact, helping me write this post.

and 3.) Who we met up with later that night.


Goodnight all!