bos 001

Yes, that is me looking like a deranged lunatic. And here is my suitcase…

bos 002

ANOTHER MORNING GYM WORKOUT! (Sorry the excitement is all-around uncontrollable). Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to recap the session, but I will tell you that we did a bunch of kickboxing today. At one point, my uncle and I started boxing each other and he accidentally gave me a right hook. Good times. Now I will be attending the Healthy Living Summit with a lady-like black-eye. Just kidding – hey, that would be a great ice-breaker though.

Breakfast had to be quick but I had no quick options as I am fresh OUT of milk, so no cereal, as well as waffles or pancakes, so none of that either. I whipped up 1 egg + 3 egg whites, scrambled, with a little cheddar cheese. I also had a TJ’s whole wheat wrap to make ¬†a breakfast burrito with!

bos 012

And some iced-coffee with cream because, like I mentioned, NO MILK.

bos 013

Early rise, great workout, and a great breakfast. It was the perfect way to start out a veyr long and fun-filled day ahead! Ahh I’m already late!

I’ll be back at some point today!