Hello all! Work draggggged by today, mostly because there just was not a ton of work to be done. But dinner made up for that!

Dinner was very very good. Although I am experienced a tad bit of indigestion right now – which I am convinced is PETA’s revenge for me since I just consumed BISON. Yes, bison. I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now and tonight was the perfect opportunity. But before I tell you about dinner, let me tell you about the highlight of my day.

Enter Creeper, stage left.

So there I was, minding my own business, taking a refreshing stroll on my break, when out of nowhere a strange looking man approaches me. I am just as unsure of his nationality as I am unsure I will ever be able to go to the zoo again without being convinced the bison are staring at me screaming “YOU ATE MY BROTHER!!”.  That’s beside the point, though.

So anyway, this man comes up to me and says something and  have no idea what the hell he’s talking about. So he repeats himself and I realize what the said. Here’s how the conversation went.

CREEPER: Do you know what is the cutest thing about you?

Me: Um…no?

CREEPER: I will tell you.

Me: …..

CREEPER: Your nose.  And your feet.

Me: Oh, haha, thanks…?

CREEPER: Never forget that.

You would think this man just told me the secret to end all wars. Or to end bison being eating. And it got worse…

CREEPER: I am willing to buy you whatever you want, anything. I will let you control me.

Me: Um yeah,…. OKAY… no.

CREEPER: Are you sure.

Me: Very sure, buddy.

Trust me, I possesed most of the confidence to say these things to him because I was in freaking HERALD SQUARE. Cop and tourist city. And I was also right outside my building at this point and was ready to hightail it inside. All in all, I survived.

In other news, I have a new appreciation for these babies….

bos 010

And this bad-ass nose….

bos 011

Thanks Creeper, you’ve instilled a whole new level of confidence in me! And also a small bit of paranoia that you will be sleeping under my bed tonight and I will wake up with you slobbering on my feet. Yeck.

On to dinner! We arrived at Bareburger and met Ania outside. We headed right in and Mark ordered an Iced Tea. Let me start by mentioning that Mark was a little ambivalent about an ORGANIC burger place. So he was even more concerned when his Iced Tea came with Agave Nectar.

bos 003

He had a slighlty difficult time understanding exactly what it was…

bos 004

But he tried it and actually ended up being able to tolerate it. What a champ!

As for din din, I order the Swiss Turkey Bacon Burger (Bison Meat), as Ania mentioned in her recap-post.

bos 006

I actually liked it.  I asked for it to be made well-done, because I refuse to eat any meat if I can see ANY red. It’s bad enough I’m eating the body of a living thing, let alone see it’s BLOOD! Yuckeroo. The only difference I noticed was that the bison was a little bit harder to chew – but not in a bad way!

Mark ordered the Supreme Something Or Other (Check Ania’s post for accurate name) with fries (because I wanted some too)….

bos 005

And Ania got her California Something Or Other Avocado veggie burger which looked delish!

bos 008

And we also got a salad to share…

bos 007

It was good. Nothing too thrilling but hey, they specialize in burgers, not salads.

It was a great night with good food, good peeps, and tons of excitement and stregical planning about tomorrow. After work, Ania and I are meeting up in the city and taking the train to Queens where Mark will pick us up and bring us to the airport. He got our luggage tonight so we don’t have to SCHLEP it into the city tomorrow. Yay for Mark. Thanks, boo. AND he and his friend Jason are leaving NY at about 8pm tomorrow and taking the long-haul to Boston to meet up with us!

Who knows, maybe YOU will meet them! And us, of course.

Oh and my feet and my nose. Night!