Wow this place was a total hit with Mark, Casey, and I tonight!  BAREBURGER ROCKED! 

I was looking forward to dinner all day, knowing it was going to be good company & good food!  What else can you ask for?!?!!?  

Work was actually slow today…..this is NEVER the case……beginning with my oatmeal overflowing in the microwave at breakfast to the final minutes……so when 5PM rolled around finally, I bounced out right away eagerly anticipating dinner!  

Bareburger is a recently new establishment….here is a brief overview from their website:
BareBurger was developed by six friends as a result of their hunger for healthier food options in and around NYC.  An environment built with sustainable, salvaged, re-claimed and recycled materials is essential to the BareBurger philosophy.  Choosing to serve organic dishes is therefore a natural decision.   

At BareBurger, organic means superior quality, taste and sustainability. Simply put, you are eating fresh organic food that was farmed in a way that limits the harm to our planet. 



The three of us split the Cranberry Walnut Blue Cheese Salad which was amazinggggg:



Mark ordered the Bareburger Supreme with a beef patty and a side of fries, Casey ordered the Swiss Turkey Bacon Burger with a bison patty, and I ordered what I said I was going to order last night!  – The Avocado California Burger!  We all ordered them on the 7 grain buns – which were soft, chewy, and delicious!  



Ughh this pic came out blurry and I didn’t capture any of the food lol, but I did get Mark licking his fingers! ; ) 


Here is my burger!  I managed to snap a pic before devouring this baby:


It was abssssoluteeeeelyyyyyyy DELICIOUS!  The veggie patty sort of fell apart which was fine with me seeing that it IS a veggie patty after all and I basically needed a fork and knife to eat this thing anyways! lol   I loved everything about this burger!  

I tried Casey’s bison patty…..pretty good!  Different taste – but I liked it!  And I stole some of Mark’s fries which were made in peanut oil….they were yummy as well! 


I give this burger a 9/10 scoops and this place 10/10 scoops!  I’ll definitelyyyyyyy be back!  I think Casey and Mark were big fans too!  Props to me for finding this place!  (Which wasn’t too hard seeing that it is about 3 minutes from where I live lol)


This was the perfect kick off dinner to a VERYYYYYYY FUN upcoming weekend at the Healthy Living Summit in Bostonnnn!  I’m so glad this week flew by for the most part!  AND……Mark and Jason are meeting Case and I in Boston as well!    I CANNOT WAIT FOR 5PM tomorrow!  : )   I’m sure Case and I will have a FABULOUS recap for you of the weekend!!!!!!!

Catch you laterrrrrrrr!  : ) 


– Ania