Finally! I made it to the gym before I left for work!


That’s how I feel right about now. High on endorphins! Poor Mark slept over last night and didn’t technically have to get up til 6:3o, so when I got up at 6 he wasn’t exactly a happy camper. Tough luck, pal, I was a woman on a mission!

I went to the gym with my uncle who’s trying to get into shape so basically we did the same exact quickie workout…

* 10 minutes on the treadmill I did tons of intervals, changing incline, speed, etc. My uncle did a pretty good power-walk most of the time. I think he was the woman on a mission.

*10 minutes doing consistent ab-work with minimal rest time The best part was when my uncle, so lady-like, passed a little (and by a little, I mean that I think the exercise mat flew from under him) gas during a crunch/sit-up combination using an exercise ball. The greatest thing about this is that he looks around, all innocent wondering who did it. We were the only people in the room.

* 10 minutes stationary bike We did TONS of really tough intervals for this one. I did a few levels higher than Allie since he wanted me to “go easy” on him, and quite frankly, I didn’t want re-experience the wrath of his bodily functions.

* 2 minute stretch And by 2 mintues, I mean one minute was spent doing toe-touches, hurdler and butterfly stretches, and the other minute was spent walking back to the car.

All in all, it was a great workout and I am on quite the endorphin-high now. Ania would be so proud 🙂

I definitely did not mind getting up at 6 to work out, but ask me again at 2pm. I even had time this morning to shower, relax, eat my breakfast, and blog! I have to run A.S.A.P. though, because it’s time to get dressed!

Breakfast this morning was…

dbsc 008

2 Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles with half of a small banana sliced on top. Plus, a small dish of maple syrup for extra yum. A little bit of peanut butter may or may not have sneaked into the mix somewhere. 😉

By the way, today marks (haha get it?) three years Mark and I have been together! Woohoo. This is us 3 years ago…


And here’s us today…


I love you so much Marky. Here’s to many many many more years, if you’re lucky 🙂

Have a great day everyone!