Sorry I’ve gone MIA for a tad….things have been realllly busy this week with work and trying to finish a bunch of things on my “to-do” list before leaving for Boston on Friday!!!!! : )

 I found the motivation to do laundry last night before leaving for the weekend – although it became quite the complicated process – clothes didn’t dry, forgot quarters, etc…..ughhh…..


Tonight was much more fun – I met up with my friend Lauren for a drink (red wine was calling my name!) after work, and Lindsey happened to be in the city as well, so she joined us!    We went to this bar called Drop Off Service in the East Village…..it used to be a laundromat and since has been transformed into a bar…..one could never tell!


Sorry for the lack of photos, but I can say the past two days have consisted of bananas, yogurt, carrots, hummus, celery, cheese, oatmeal, and Kashi bars…..lol….I’m sure a couple other random things as well……


I really should get going, seeing that I have yet to pack, amongst other things!    However, I am exited for tomorrow night dinner!  Mark, Casey, and I are going to Bareburger for dinner!

I’m not a huge burger person whatsoever, but the menu here looks awesome!  All their burgers & food is organic, and the variety of burger patty options sounds delicious…..turkey burger, ostrich burger, portabella mushroom, veggie, chicken, salmon, beef, etc……

Is it sad that I know what I want already?!  Well I do!  I am looking forward to having Avocado California burger – aged cheddar, hass avocado, mixed greens, raw red onion, tomato, and organic dressing…my choice of patty: veggie!  

Mark told me he has been longing to get a burger with the ostrich patty!  Right Mark? ; ) 


I’ll have to recap our experience at this new Astoria opening!


Till then!  Later!  


– Ania