Well, fail #2 at attempting to incorporate a morning workout. I was supposed to go to the gym with my uncle this morning, but guess what?! My alarm didn’t go off! And I really felt like I was going to go. Ah, we’ll try again tomorrow I suppose. This morning, I had a very quick and easy breakfast…

I reheated a banana pancake from Sunday morning….

(Who can think of banana pancakes without singing “Better Together“?!)

dbsc 004

…..topped with 2 sliced strawberries of course.

And had some scrambled egg whites on the side…

dbsc 005

And some refreshing iced coffee...

dbsc 006

Notice the two jars of peanut butter in the background? Yep. One for me, one for Shea. Usually, I buy her a natural one too but I was told to take this home with me from the random assortment of leftovers from our Disney villa.  How could I say no to free peanut butter?

I want to adress a subject later on today –  unfortunately I don’t have the time this morning. What is that subject, you may ask? Eating what you want. And I’m not talking about when you’re out to eat and you have to decide between ordering the grilled chicken and steamed vegetables  or the grilled chicken caesar salad (DRESSING ON THE SIDE!).  I’m talking about looking through the ENTIRE menu and deciding on that one thing that sounds delicious and wonderful and exactly what you’re looking for. And ordering it.

Ahh! I almost actually started writing but I will force myself to wait until later. I’m off to work! Have a great day everybody.