Ahhhh!  I cannottttt wait until Friday afternoon when Casey and I are boarding the plane to Boston!  Yes we are taking a plane from NYC to Boston lol, but its necessary seeing that we are both working until late afternoon and the cocktail party starts early evening.  I was pumped to get the final agenda in my email at work today!!!

Anyways,I totally regret having coffee last night at Mark’s….I was wide awake until past 2am……I should have known better!!!  I finally fell alseep and woke up for spin class, followed by quickly getting ready and rushing to my staff meeting  – which never happened!….and is instead occuring tomorrow….excellent.

The office was pretty quiet today…..and FREEZING……I believe today was one of the hottest/most humid days/mugggyyy days in NYC….and this sounds disgusting…but it felt sooooooo good to step outside for a few minutes at lunch into the nasty stickiness…and defrost from being my negative 4589358 degree office.  

The sticky subway ride home on the other hand – not so enjoyable.  I ended up getting on this packeddd train that of course eventually had problems…..so before everyone had to get off unless you were going express to the last stop, the train crawledddddddddddd at the slowest pace…..EVER……..everyone was getting angry…..but it became so irritating/ridiculous that the women standing next me and myself just started laughing out of nowhere instead…..ehhh what are you gonna do??!


I came home used up some remaining carrots, celery, and onion and made an veggie omelet with two cage free eggs:


And some Trader Joes unsalted PB pretzels on the side:


For dessert I made a small concoction of a scoop of probiotic vanilla yogurt, a scoop of flaxseed, a few dried cherries, and a scoop of my new TJ cereal…..Twigs, Flakes, & Clusters…..which is pretty good…not amazing…but it definitely has that bran/high fiber taste to it….which I’m a fan of…so I think it’s yummy : ) 


Well…….I never got to  do laundry today : / …..maybe tomorrow….but I’m off to pack bfast/lunch for tomorrow…..iron some things….get ready for bed…..and perhaps read…..

I leave you with this adoraaaaabbbbbbbbbbllllle little guy:  Poochini

He’s not mine : (  , although he is Sharon’s, a very close family friend’s : ) ……she just got him…and I received photos of him today in my email….. I can’t wait to see him!


Have a good night!

– Ania