Casey here for a very quick morning post. Mostly because I want to complain. Yay! Here’s my problem – morning work0uts. No, I’m not talking about on the weekends or on vacation or on days where nothing else is going on. I’m talking about waking up at 5:30 or 6am to get to the gym, get back, shower, eat, get dressed, and rush out the door, all the while thinking, “Where did my morning go?”. I very much admire Ania for her resiliance and dedication to her daily 6 am spin classes.  In fact, I wish I could say the same for myself.

But I can’t. ON days where I’m going to be at work or school (or both) and un-relaxed enough as it is, I simply can’t find myself giving up my favorite time of every day – the morning. My glorious mornings, where I have no problem to just jump out of bed, scurry down the stairs, shower, and eat a leisurely breakfast while catching up on new blog posts and sometimes writing my own. As Mark will tell you (much to his despair), I thrive off of mornings and my favorite meal is breakfast. Mark would gladly sleep til 12pm and wake up and not eat until 6pm. That’s just his cup of tea – and that’s fine! Everybody has something that makes them keep tickin’.

That is why when I spoke to Mark last night and we decided we would go on a long run/walk tomorrow after dinner, I did not hesistate to tap out of my 6am wake-up call. I slept until 6:30am instead, had this for breakfast…


(Scrambled egg whites + half of an egg yolk and a small serving of Strawberry Fields Kashi cereal with Skim).

Unfortunately, fall is only around the corner and with that comes a much more hectic schedule involving some classes starting at 8:10 a.m. and work immediately after until 5pm. I definitely am not giving up on morning workouts.  They’re just not really my friend and choose to work against me instead of with me.

That ALL being said, I am determined to work out in the morning at least once or twice this week – just to see if it would truly make my day as inconvenient as I believe. Encourage me, root for me, interrogate me, abuse me, berate me, whatever you like! I am willing to give it a try!

That’s all for now. Shea is barking at me and I’m assuming SHE doesn’t want HER morning routine ruined by peeing all over the hardwood floors and being sent to her cage.