Hope everyone had a fun weekend, especially the birthday girl! ; )


Here’s a quick recap for ya:


As you know, we went to Simply Fondue for Casey’s birthday……my first restaurant fondue experience….and I loved it!  Howeverrrr, unfortunately we never got to the dessert/chocolate fondue part of our meal because we had to leave to see the 7:20 showing of Julie & Julia which we already had bought tickets for.  Although, our waiter gave us free vouchers to come back for free dessert fondue whenever since we technically paid for it as part of our meal already!  So Mark and Casey….you better let me know when your going!!!!!! ; ) haha

All in all, the salads, cheese fondue, and entree fondue were all veryyyy yummy!  It probably was a good thing we didn’t have time for the chocolate fondue, because I was perfectly stuffed already….

Further details and pictures to be posted by Casey I believe!!!!! 

We made the movie just in time!  Overall I thought it was quite good and loved the fact that it revolved around food blogging and cooking with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams as the lead actresses…..especially Streep who was really funny!  Go see it – especially you mom!  You would love it! : ) 

Afterwards, we had a low fat raspberry cheesecake and coffee at Casey’s…..the cake was made by her mom….delicious!!!!!  How awesome does it look?!?!?!


IMG_1839Birthday girl blowing out the candles!

The night continued out on the town with some cranberry/vodka/seltzer combo drinks, and a shot of bubblegum vodka mixed with banana something??? – which honestly initially I thought wasn’t too bad….and then decided…..ewwww that was disgusting! hahaha ……Case I don’t know what you thought about that one? lol 


This morning I went to spin class…did some boxing……..ate some quick brunch (Kashi waffle with PB & J, some carrots, some dried cherries), took a quick shower, and went shopping with Case!

We scored huge with bargains……let me just tell you that!  I got a cute, blue dress which Casey got in green, and a sparkly scarf…..


And then we made a trip to heaven!  Trader Joes! duh!  I stocked up on some yumminess….I’ll be all set for awhile! : )


Bananas, carrots, celery, lemons, flaxseed, PB, blackberry jam, Almond Breeze, white bean basil hummus, 10 grain bread, PB stuffed pretzels, cheddar cheese sticks, a new type of cereal, and some salmon……for $30ish!  LOVE TRADER JOES!


Then we went to Mark’s apartment for dinner… which can I just say was spotlesssssssssss and could have been the setting for a Mr. Clean or Lysol or Febreeze commerical ; )

anywayss…..he made AMAZING stuffed shells with cheese and lean turkey….and Casey and I made a delish salad…….followed by some ice cream and coffee! YUM!


I just got home and packed bfast and lunch for work tomorrow:

Two small, veryyyyy ripe, must eat by tomorrow morning pears lol….and a Kashi PB bar…..


and  for lunch……salmon/white bean basil hummus on 10 grain bread….some dried cherries….and a cheddar cheese stick….



And now it’s time to get ready for work/eventually go to bed! 


– Ania