Wow, the weekend went by SO fast – but it was a great one. Yesterday was a lot of  fun. Mark, Ania, my mother, and I went to Simply Fondue (which is basically a direct copy of The Melting Pot in my opinion) and went to see Julie & Julia afterwards. We had to make reservations for 5pm since the movie started at 7:20. Hello, senior citizen living (not to knock the elderly).

The waiter tried convincing us to do the pre-fix meal, which was $38 a person. But none of us were starving and we figured we could always order more, so we ended up getting 2 pre-fix meals and sharing everything.

We got two salads, Spinach and Strawberry and Gorgonzola Greens. We all had a bit of each salad as the cheese fondue was being prepared…

bday 025

Our very informative and eager to please waiter allowed me to take a picture of him in action.

bday 030

We got two types of cheese fondues – Italian Fontina and the Wisconsin Cheddar. The cheese fonue was served along with two different types of breads and a mixture of fruits and veggies.

bday 026

Ania and Mark enjoying! I’m pretty sure they called each other last night so they could coordinate their outfits.

bday 033

And… my mom totally not working with me in an effort to take a picture together. She started moving before the flash even went off. Can you sense the annoyance in my face in this picture? Mary was just ready to get fondue-ing. I wasn’t going to stop her.

Then it was time for the main course, which WOW let me see if I can remember what we ordered…

* Pecan Crcusted Mahi Mahi

* Coconut Shrimp

* Bacon Wrapped Sirloin

* Scallops

* Garlic Chicken

* Pork

And many, many more that were all sooo delicious.

bday 032

It was so difficult remembering which was which, and we were in a bit of a timing jam since the movie started in a hour. As a result, eating was as rushed as Amy Winehouse on her way out of rehab. We even had to skip the best part of fondue dessert! No worries though, we were able to get Chocolate Vouchers so we can reclaim our meal next time we go.

There was time however, for a glass of birthday champagne with a candle in it.

bday 035

The best part when the waiter paused during the Happy Birthday song when he had no idea what my name was. He was a pretty awkward guy and this was a pretty awkward moment for him where he really didn’t know what to do with himself except stand there. I got quite the kick out of it though! I think this makes me a bad person?

After dinner we went to see Julie and Julia, which was really good. A bit slow at times, but overall a really enjoyable feel-good movie. I had no idea it was a true story! After the movie, we headed back home for cake. My mom had made a healthy Raspberry Cheesecake. She knows me too well.

She had actually given me three different cakes to choose from and I could only pick two and told her to pick whichever was easiest. Later she told me she picked the one she wanted the most. Like I said, Mary always goes for the gold.

bday 036

It was delicious!

bday 039

Wonder why Shea was hanging out near Mark so much? Hm, he wouldn’t be breaking the no-feeding-the-behemoth-at-the-table rule, would he? They were so clearly communicating with their eyes.

After cake, Mark, Ania, and I went out for a few drinks at our usual bar. (This WOULD NOT be our usual bar because they sometimes manage to forget to check identification and it is only my 20th birthday, not my 21st). The bar shall remain nameless.

bday 041

Happy bloggers!

And a slightly happy couple…

bday 043

I immediately called Perez Hilton when there was a celebrity sighting in the bar…

bday 046

Mother Theresa!! And..

bday 045

Her creepy evil twin sister that was locked in the attic when guests came over.

We had a great night and headed home around 1:30 a.m….

bday 044

Since Ania had to return to her igloo. (Cold much, An? :)) Do you see her trying to wrangle me with her parka? It looks like the cookie monster was trying to get in this pic and put his big, blue, hairy arm on me.

I passed out as soon as I got into bed and woke up at a well-rested 10:30 this morning. I really had a great night with people I love 🙂 !

I don’t have pics of breakfast but I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of myself and Ania’s shopping extravaganza and what we bought.

Goodnight all!