A little after I got home from work, Mark came over and greeted me with this…

bday 016

Some beautiful roses and three kiddie birthday balloons… because he knows me very well.

AND he got me three cards because “He was so indecisive he just bought all three”.  Here is the one that is PG enough to show you… Enter the mush….


It’s supposed me be the two of us. Him dressed nicely and smiling and being appropriate, and me laughing, not listening, and trying to smile but failing.

The inside… (Enter more mush, but I had to share because it was so sweet)

bday 019

If you can’t read it, on the inside it says…

You are my favoritest thing ever.

“When I saw this card, I just couldn’t control myself. Everyday I feel like a little boy with a crush because of you. You are my favoritest thing ever. I love you so much and I am thankful that we are together baby.”

Swoon. He really knows how to win over the ladies. Love you babe.

Okay, sorry if anyone is nauseous. Anyway, with it already being past 7 pm, we had to come up with a plan. Since we really did not plan in advance to do something last night, things ended up falling through.

Three of my closest girlfriends were out of town, Mark’s cousin and his girlfriend whom we are veryy close with were unavailable, and pretty much everybody else already had plans. Ania was my only confidant and was ready for anything! Thank you, Ania, love you! Unfortunately, I told Ania we were going to try to move plans to Saturday night instead.

With something to celebrate and no plan at all, Mark and I decided we’d just go for a nice dinner and relax and try to go all out tomorrow night. I was a little disappointed but being with my wonderful boyfriend is never a bad plan to me. 🙂

We ended up going to a little Japanese tapas restaurant in my neighborhood called Bozu. It was as awesome as going to Japan and having tea with Taro Aso…and these guys.


Bozu, pronounced “bose” is described as…

“Snack-sized portions are the name of the game at this funky joint, whose interior — exposed brick, charred bamboo and Eames-style chairs– is as distinctive as the eats.” http://www.freewilliamsburg.com

We got a nice assortment of dishes. Exuse the dark pictures, we ate outdoors and in very close quarters. I didn’t think our neighbors would have loved a constant flash in their face. Here’s the spread…

bday 025

Shrimp Shumai

bday 028

Rice Croquettes – OMG soo good.

bday 029

Beef Satay with spicy peanut dipping sauce

bday 030

And one of their famous sushi “bombs”. I got the Spicy Mc. Tuna Bomb. This was one thing Mark did not try.

bday 031

Again, sorry you can’t see much – I tried! Mark, however, loved being photographed.


Our waitress was very sweet and after seeing me photographing just about anything, she asked if we wanted a picture taken…

bday 024

I was really happy that Mark liked all the food and said he would definitely go back.  So happy, in fact, I agreed to go to Ralph’s for a cream ice. I got half Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and half Jelly Ring. It was too much and I saved half for today.

bday 027

It ended up being a very nice night and I am very excited for tonight! I’m going to Simply Fondue, a fondue restaurant in Queens, with my mom, Mark, and Ania, and then to see Julie & Julia. It looks really good and it’s perfect for the group – my mom has been dying to see it, Mark loves cooking, and DUH it’s about a girl who writes a blog all about food!! Perfect for Ania and myself.

I’ll be back with a full recap tomorrow! Have an awesome Saturday!