As you know, my doublescoop partner in crime is now 20!  I hope you had a fabbbbbb birthday Casey!  : )  Although, birthday shenanigans better continue into today/tonight!  : )

Rumor has it…..fondue?!?!? ; )  Which I have never been to before….so I’m excited!!!!


Today is gorgeousssss by the way!   I actually slept in until about 8:30 or so, it was glorioussssss!  I had a Kashi trail mix bar and then headed to spin class at 10.  

I just got back from a stellar session, and downed a glass of Almond Breeze, ok I drank it right out of the carton which is really not like me….and yes very unladylike…but hey it’s my carton!, my carton only!!!, and its a small carton – it’s not like I’m chugging out of a gallon sized container, and I was parched and cravingggg Almond Breeze…..and nobody else was around……okay why am I justifying myself?!?!!?  I’m sure we have all done this one time or another!  ; )  haha 


And I fixed this for post workout fuel……..a Kashi waffle with half an avocado, and a small nectarine…..



Well, I am going to get goin’…..I’m sure there will plenty of pics of Casey’s day to be posted in the near future….especially with her new, savvy camera (good one Mark!)…..

Have a good one guys!

– Ania