Good morning everyone!! I’m finally officially back in action. You’ll see why…

For today’s post, I wanted to start it off with just a picture of what Mark gave to me last night (a little early – we are both very impatient!). But then I realized…


Yup, WOOHOO I finally have my own camera so I can stop stealing/losing important accesories for Mark’s camera. Like I said, I was all set to just post a pic of my awesome camera but then I realized I didn’t have any other camera to do that with and it would just be a long complicated process. So, here’s one I found on Google Images…

Don’t ya LOVE the color?


And the lovely LARGE screen in the back….mycambackSorry, I am just very excited to have my own camera again (RIP Theo – I am too kind to and trusting of  two-year-olds that I love).

Here’s Mark extremely excited to give me the presents he spent tons of money on…

bday 001

And me acting very much like the twenty years that I am…

bday 003

And an attempt at Mark and I taking a picture of ourselves…

bday 002

But Shea felt left out and decided she should be in the picture too.

And here was my yummy birthday breakfast….

bday 011

1 TJ’s Blueberry Waffle with a little PB and a small serving of Lite Eggo Maple Syrup for dipping and 3 scrambled egg whites with 1 thin slice ham.

The perfect breakfast feast 🙂 I’m off to work and to enjoy the day. I didn’t pack lunch but I am packing my NEW CAMERA so I can certainly take a pic of what I get!!