Hey there! Whew – what a pretty non-eventful day at work. My “head” supervisor was out and she’s usually the one who gives me a bunch of work to do, and my “personal” supervisor who sits at the desk right next to me, well, doesn’t. So today I decided to entertain myself by stocking up on various granola bars that I have yet to try. I’ll do a quick review of each of them as I eat them.  Here’s what I got…

bday 012

These are all stored convenently in my desk drawer. Sorry the last one is up-side down. That one is an Odwalla Chocolate Chip Peanut bar. I love Odwalla bars but I dont think I’ve ever had this one!  The one above that, which is what I had today, is a Peanut Butter Crunch Full Bar. Above that one is a Myoplex Lite Peanut Caramel Crisp. These bars usually scare me but I figured I’d give it a try. And last but not least – yeah, it’s not a bar, but it’s a snack – CRANBERRY Rasinets!!. I had to give those a go.

Like I said, I tried the Full Bar first…


The main reason I bought this bar: I really appreciated the actual bar size/calorie content ratio. Most of the time you have a granola bar that is about 200 calories and the size of your index finger. It is so unaesthetically pleasing it’s not even worth eating. This bar was huge and still only had 170 calories.

The taste: I did taste the peanut butter but it really wasn’t too strong. I could have easily slathered on another tablespoon and added a few banana slices to make this bar truly delicious. But that defeats the whole portability and convenience purpose doesn’t it?

The texture: This reminded me of a rice cake. It almost tasted like it was not supposed to be this way,  almost like it was stale. Definitely a turn-off.

The nutritional info:


The result: Overall, I give this bar a 5 out of 10. It wasn’t terrible but I would not buy it again for almost 3 bucks a bar.

Lunch was yum! A Mozzarella and Ham whole grain panini with tomatoes and lettuce.

bday 013

I came home to Shea who threw herself at my feet in thanks for relieving her of her lonesomeness…

bday 014

When taking a second look at this picture I realized that it looks like Shea is actually at the feet of Jesus instead of Casey. Maybe she is. Who knows, that dog works wonders.

Alrighty everyone, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my birthday. Adios!

Have a grest Friday and weekend,