Today was another busy dayyyy…..I swear the weeks go by like THAT!  Which means one day closer to the summitt! : )

Today started off with 6am spin…..followed by another busy workday (slightly less chaotic than yesterday – thank goodness!)….however I had a ROCKIN breakfast…..oatmeal with mashed banana, and a few sliced almonds, chocolate chips, cranberries, and dried cherries…..it was AMAZINGGGGG!   May not look like it lol, but it was!


For lunch I just enjoyed a massive cucumber sliced up, some cherries, and a Kashi PB granola bar……and a small nectarine as a late afternoon snack……

Work was followed by errands….and by the time I got home my feet were killing me due to some new blisters which developed from the cute pair of heels I choose to wear today…ahh the sacrifice to wear cute shoes…..

For dinner I was craving breakfast food which was ideal because recently I have been wanting to make Heather’s Barney Butter Pancakes!

And so I did!   I ended up substituting ground flaxseed for the wheat germ, and I had no honey unfortunately……

I ended up making two pancakes…….and I’m happy I made two rather than one….because the pancake came out realllyyyyyyyy yummy…..and I have second one saved for breakfast tomorrow! : ) 

So along with my pancake tonight (which I spread a really thin layer of PB and jam), I had another sliced up cucumber on the side…..



In addition to my pancake for breakfast tomorrow which topping has yet to be determined – I am thinking mashed banana possibly lol…..for lunch I packed a peach, another cucumber!, and trail mix I quickly put together….some Kashi heart to heart cereal, sliced almonds, and a few cranberries, dried cherries, and choc. chips…..


I can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday!  Wow!

Alrighty I got stuff to take care of!  Catch you laterrrr! : )


– Ania